Health Issues facing women not homogeneous; they go beyond medicine, says First Lady

Cape Town (South Africa) 22nd MARCH 2017, (PSCU) First Lady Margaret Kenyatta today told an international congress of doctors gathering in the Port City of Cape Town that health issues…

First Lady receives top Honorary Award from the highly reputed Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.

Cape Town (South Africa) 22nd MARCH 2017, (PSCU) First Lady Margaret today received the presitigious Fellowship of Honoris Causa Award from the globally respected Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists…

Raila was at the centre of 2007 violence, President Kenyatta says

KISII, 22 MARCH 2017, (PSCU) — President Uhuru Kenyatta today accused opposition leader Raila Odinga of promoting hatred and incitement that led to the 2007-2008 violence.

Reject Opposition leaders since they have no agenda for the country, Ruto asks Abagusii community

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Wednesday wound up his two-day tour of Kisii region dismissing attempts by Opposition leaders to unite against Jubilee ahead of the August General election.

Join the winning side, President urges Kisii, Nyamira residents as he wraps up two-day visit 

KISII, 22 MARCH 2017, (PSCU) — President Uhuru Kenyatta this afternoon wrapped up his visit to Nyamira and Kisii counties with a call to residents to rally behind the Jubilee…

Government to use Kshs 6 billion to ensure primary pupils transit to secondary school

KISII, 22 MARCH 2017 (PSCU) – The Government has set aside Kshs 6 billion this year to improve infrastructure in public secondary schools to ensure all pupils who sit for…

Sanlam Kenya beefs up check off option for local corporates in market development plan


…As Kisii County Government seeks avenue to compel insurance underwriting for SME’s


25/11…Local non-bank financial services firm Sanlam Kenya has stepped up its market development efforts to raise the local insurance penetration rates through corporate partnerships.



As part of the efforts, Sanlam Kenya is pursuing corporate agreements with leading local firms to facilitate life and general insurance premium payments via check off systems.


Riding on the Sanlam PayPoint platform linked directly to corporate and institutional organisations, the firm will manage to securely receive insurance premiums voluntarily deducted on a check off system from its customers.


Speaking in Kisii during a corporate partners forum, Sanlam Kenya Group Managing Director, Mr. Mugo Kibati, said the firm has adopted cutting edge information technology systems to facilitate the running of the innovative check off option for premium payments.


Currently, Sanlam Kenya has established Check-off linkages with more than 700local firms including savings and co-operative societies, large and small corporates. The firm plans to double the number as it seeks to enhance its corporate efficiency and product distribution capacity.


“At Sanlam Kenya we are borrowing heavily from our group and global best practices. In many developing countries, insurance premium payments for life and related products are conventionally deducted via check off systems,” Kibati said.


The firm, he added, has also enhanced its partnerships with leading local banking institutions, which are providing quality bancassurance services powered by Sanlam Kenya.


During the function, the Kisii County Government, announced plans to integrate risk management solutions as part of its social-economic development plans.


According to Kisii Governor James Ongwae, the integration of risk management solutions such as commercial insurance products for Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) operators in the County, are currently under consideration.


The Kisii Governor, in a speech read on his behalf by the Kisii County Government Chief of Staff, Mr. Henry Nyanchoka, noted that the poor adoption of insurance products by SMEs has continued to impoverish local traders.


The role of non-bank financial services, he said, cannot be wished away in a growing economy. In my view, such services including life and general insurance products provide a most important safeguard to the various risks we face everyday.


Such products provide a recovery path for our hardworking SME’s and even individuals engaging in business.


Citing the case of the recent 11-storey building collapse in Kisii town, Ongwae expressed regret that local traders continue to suffer heavy losses with minimal recourse to commercially available risk management options.


The Governor expressed regret that almost all the victims at the site, including the small-scale traders had no insurance cover to manage the risk and now face a very bleak future. Families left behind by breadwinners, he said, have been left economically and socially destitute while traders who had leased space at the building are now facing unmanageable losses and obligations including bank loans.


“Even as we mourn our departed brothers and sisters, we must continue to ask the hard questions and seek to institute measures that can mitigate and manage the effects of such risks,” the Governor said adding that, “For this reason, I have directed my Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning to consider seeking a viable option to compel all small and Medium Enterprises in Kisii County to consider holding insurance covers for risk management,” Ongwae explained.


On his part, Sanlam Kenya Group CEO Mr. Mugo Kibati confirmed the availability of suitable insurance underwriting products, which can help alleviate risks that continue to face SMEs among other economic sectors.


As a key player in the Kenyan insurance sector, Sanlam Kenya, Kibati assured is now attuned to play its part in the overall effort to raise the national insurance penetration rates starting from County level solutions.




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