CJ to gazette members of the National Council on Administration of Justice Taskforce on Criminal Justice Reform

March 30, 2017, -- Chief Justice David Maraga will soon gazette members of the National Council on Administration of Justice Taskforce on Criminal Justice Reform, to among other issues, examine…

PesaLink Money transfer payments solution links 2 Million Customers

…manages to attain a less than 10-seconds transaction turnaround rate 30/03…A total of 2 million bank customers have signed up for the newest money transfer service, PesaLink owned by the…

Kass Marathon 2016 winners awarded

The winners of Kass Marathon 2016 Edition were awarded their cash prizes at a ceremony held at the Kass Media headquarters in Nairobi Thursday.

First Lady joins Heads of G-20 league of schools to discuss environment, leadership and value-based education.

NAIROBI 30thMARCH 2017,(PSCU) First Lady Margaret Kenyatta today joined Heads of the prestigious G-20 League of Schools where issues of environment, leadership and value-based education formed the central themes of…

National Bank Bounce Back to profitability after recording KES 182M profit in end of year results 2016

Nairobi, March 31 2017 - National Bank of Kenya has recorded a profit before tax of KES 182 million for the period ending 31 December 2016. This marked a 100%…

Local Philanthropists donate an additional Sh 20.7 million towards drought mitigation.

Nairobi, 30 March 2017, (PSCU)—Local philanthropists today donated over Sh 20.7 million to mitigate effects of the prolonged drought, bringing the total amount of funds raised for famine relief to…

 Lord Chidgey praises First Class Kenyan student

Leeds/London -- A British peer has sent his congratulations to a Kenyan student who topped his class with a rare first-class prized degree at Leeds University and the Tullow Oil company.

Lord Chidgey who was the guest of honour at the 53rd Kenya Jamhuri celebrations at International Maritime organization at the Westminster Bridge said, ‘It must be wonderful for young Anthony Chesang to know that he topped his class at Leeds University with a First in Energy and Environment Engineering. It is a tremendous reward for what must have been a dedicated and sustained effort, from which I am sure he will benefit as his career develops over the years ahead’.

An elated Anthony Kibet Chesang, an employee of KenGen, was awarded the outstanding distinction master of science degree with a coveted £100 money yesterday morning at the graduation ceremony presided by the vice -chancellor. He was accompanied by his Coventry based aunt Mrs Gladys Seroney who too could not hide her joy saying, ‘Antony is a person of few words but my children enjoy playing with him whenever he came visiting’. His outstanding performance is my greatest news for the year, she added.

I am still excited and thrilled. When I first received the news, I was humbled as I really didn’t expect to top the class’, an excited Chesang said yesterday after receiving the award. I can’t thank God enough, let alone the Tullow Oil company for the scholarship and Kenya generating Electricity for the study leave they willingly granted me’. Chesang said that it was a great and wonderful opportunity to study extensively about energy technologies from renewable sources, policies, pollution impacts and control to climate change and energy management. It was a lot of work and I had to work very hard’. The director of his department has already congratulated him and told him that he had a bright future and  he should consider pursuing a PhD degree. The course had 12 students and five of them came from Africa where three were Kenyans.

Lord Chidgey who doubles as co-chair African all party parliamentary group and Lib-Dems party shadow minister for Africa congratulated Tullow Oil Kenya for their programme of providing scholarships to talented and promising young Kenyans. ‘Anthony’s success underlines their importance, as valuable investment in Kenyan talent for the future, and hopefully will spur the company on to continue and hopefully expand their programme’.  The 20 Tullow scholarship recipients were spread across the UK top Universities of Surrey, Warwick, Aberdeen, Cardif and Glasgow.

Many messages of congratulations to Chesang, after Lord Chidgey’s have come from across section of Kenyans. Halima Tabusombu senior member of Kootab Myoot Community, said that, ‘this shows that young people today have understood the meaning of education and now keep focus, hard work and discipline together. I expect this trend to continue’. Sam Mutai of London Underground and Jackson Simatei of Transport for London hailed Lord Chidgey’s message and added that Chesang performance was a good example for other students aiming to study in the UK Universities. Former British High commissioner to Nairobi Sir Jeffrey James said that a brilliant performance was good for the career of Antony. Others who have sent messages of congratulations not only to Chesang but to other Kenyan students who completed their studies were Nehemiah Rotich, William Simba, Sam Ronoh and Sammy Muten in Perth Australia.

Tullow oil company Kenya scholarships are very competitive. Last year there were 8000 applicants competing for 20 places. The scholarship is managed by the British council.


Last week another recipient of the Tullow Oil scholarship was awarded a distinction at Coventry University. Martin Kibiwot Rotich, 25, from Elgeyo-Marakwet county was presented with a master degree in Oil and gas management and his joy thawed the cold morning spell.

Asked what his next plans are, Chesang replied, ‘I want to register as an energy manager. But that is soon. I really want to pursue a doctorate degree by researching on solar grid and system integration. I want to find out how to make large scale solar power systems more attractive, cost-effective and expand its penetration. He thinks that solar energy is the future in Sub-Sahara. It is clean, renewable, sustainable and climate friendly as well as powering the economy. Look at the UK, by 2014 it had installed solar capacity of PV 5.2GW and yet the sun is never overhead as it is far north and experiences winter. Kenya should by far surpass this.

Chesang who is 26 years old was born in Maregut  village ,Baringo county and went to Maregut primary school up to class 5 then went to Solian primary school in Ravine for class 6 and 7 before returning to Maregut for class 8. At Maregut he scored 561/700 marks emerging as number 1 in the division and number 3 in the district. He joined Sacho High school, Baringo. He later joined Nairobi University where he studied Electrical engineering. On his parents, he said, ‘They are my greatest inspiration. They took me early to school with meagre resources and encouraged me to study. They are a wonderful parents and I am proud of them’. I look forward to meeting them tomorrow when I return back to Kenya’.






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