CJ to gazette members of the National Council on Administration of Justice Taskforce on Criminal Justice Reform

March 30, 2017, -- Chief Justice David Maraga will soon gazette members of the National Council on Administration of Justice Taskforce on Criminal Justice Reform, to among other issues, examine…

PesaLink Money transfer payments solution links 2 Million Customers

…manages to attain a less than 10-seconds transaction turnaround rate 30/03…A total of 2 million bank customers have signed up for the newest money transfer service, PesaLink owned by the…

Kass Marathon 2016 winners awarded

The winners of Kass Marathon 2016 Edition were awarded their cash prizes at a ceremony held at the Kass Media headquarters in Nairobi Thursday.

First Lady joins Heads of G-20 league of schools to discuss environment, leadership and value-based education.

NAIROBI 30thMARCH 2017,(PSCU) First Lady Margaret Kenyatta today joined Heads of the prestigious G-20 League of Schools where issues of environment, leadership and value-based education formed the central themes of…

National Bank Bounce Back to profitability after recording KES 182M profit in end of year results 2016

Nairobi, March 31 2017 - National Bank of Kenya has recorded a profit before tax of KES 182 million for the period ending 31 December 2016. This marked a 100%…

Local Philanthropists donate an additional Sh 20.7 million towards drought mitigation.

Nairobi, 30 March 2017, (PSCU)—Local philanthropists today donated over Sh 20.7 million to mitigate effects of the prolonged drought, bringing the total amount of funds raised for famine relief to…

Kenya hosts major conference on ICT and sustainable development

 An international conference focusing on the role of information and communications technology (ICT) to hasten achievement of sustainable development goals opened in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi on Monday.

Delegates from governments, industry, academia and civil society from more than 70 countries are attending the four-day summit to explore the role of ICT in transforming development.

Kenyan Cabinet Secretary for ICT, Joe Mucheru in his opening remarks said that harnessing new technologies and innovations is critical to alleviate poverty, disease, illiteracy and environmental degradation.

"We need to utilize digital tools at our disposal to solve some of the pressing challenges in our contemporary society. There is no denying that ICT can accelerate sustainable development," Mucheru said.

The ICT for development summit in Nairobi was organized by International charities in partnership with leading tech companies.

An estimated 750 experts from different fields are attending the summit to discuss how ICT solutions can be applied in disaster response, healthcare, farming, education and weather monitoring.

Mucheru said that solutions to global poverty, disease, hunger, conflicts and environmental degradation hinges on smart application of ICT.

"Investments in modern technologies and innovations underpins attainment of key sustainable development goals that includes equitable growth, food security and health," said Mucheru.

He added the Kenyan government has prioritized creation of a knowledge based economy in line with vision 2030 blue print.

Relief agencies have partnered with governments and corporations to push for integration of ICT in development programs.

Sean Callahan, the Chief Operating Officer, Catholic Relief Services hailed the impact of ICT in transforming communities in marginalized zones.

"Developing countries now stand before revolutionary possibilities to leapfrog ahead using technology," said Callahan adding that rural communities can now use mobile applications to access weather information and monitor prices of farm produce.

He urged governments to facilitate uptake of technology and innovations in key sectors of the economy through policy and regulatory incentives.

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