I usually take my race plan and then translate it into a workout to download. For example, when back in DC I’d often ride the full length of Skyline drive – 110 miles on weekends. Say if you want to go out on an outdoor ride and you want to aim on spending at least 40 mins in power zone 4. Wow, it’s been two years now since the 510 came out. And finally, at some point in the future you’ll have the Garmin Vector and Brim Brothers Zone measuring on the pedals/cleats. Does anyone know if it possible to get HRV and R-R data from the 510? The ‘running’ hack you mentioned recommended the Garmin 310 quick release kit. I really don’t know why this particular ride shows 7K difference (1K or so would be normal). Double check whether or not elevation correction is or is not enabled on the activity in Garmin Connect (lower left corner). I also have a huge external battery. I’d like to have my segment time shown on the screen rather than my distance/time vs. my segment’s record. Here, we’re talking about a 5% error – not in the gathering of the data (i.e., there’s nothing wrong with the device), but in processing the data, (i.e. I received a final production unit, though, without the retail packaging. You can click on any given point to get more information about that data point: One cool feature they included was that you can toggle between speed (a cyclist metric) and pace (a runners metric): Finally, along the top you’ve got your total ride time, and average stats. And other touch also response a wrong position. I see the other difference is that the 810 has a virtual racer option where the 510 does not. I found this in the Garmin FAQs: Devices that utilize the Firstbeat calorie computation are: 2. If you do this, then load a new course, does the axis values reset to default setting or stay at the previously set values? Uploading to Garmin connect is pretty fast. A course allows you to re-race against yourself, or just to follow the same route. There’s a ton of them in the power section: Check out the full listing within the ‘data fields’ section in a bit. While Garmin Connect is a good simple platform, it can be a bit basic for anything more advanced than simple analytics (though it is rockin’ for creating workouts and courses). Once you do so, click the ‘Upload’ button in the upper right corner: Once you’ve pressed that, it may ask you to install the Garmin Communicator plug-in. Average lap power was 150W, and then I pressed LAP, and saw average lap trending to 300W, so far so good (the simple part, just calculate average). A powerful and user-friendly GPS-enabled computer, but it won't replace the venerable Edge … On the graphs, you can click a given point to see more information about that selection. Pressing any other surface of the touchscreen does not make any difference. Otherwise, I feel the information is just ‘blah-so-so’ at best. But besides this, Garmin managed to make it lighter by 0.7 oz. Personally for analyzing my ride I use Training Peaks (online), and then on the desktop I use Sport Tracks and Golden Cheetah. Good device but has some flaws to correct. But the challenge is that realistically indoor speed on a trainer isn’t a super meaningful value. After all, that’s really the only reason you go to a company forum. I have the Edge 510 and my experience with it has been horrible. For most rides this is OK, but have had issues with my longer rides such as the Etape this year. If you want to adjust the backlight, you can do so by tapping the power button. They could and should have placed a full Bluetooth 4.0 chip in there (not just Bluetooth Smart like in the Garmin Fenix watch), which would have still been compatible with legacy smart phones as well as new Bluetooth Smart sensors, (Small Technology Sidebar: Bluetooth 4.0 allows one to connect to both legacy Bluetooth devices as well as newer Bluetooth 4.0 only devices, like Bluetooth Smart. I started noticing this on the first device when it would show over 1 mile less in distance than my edge 305. In other words – unless you were to laboriously configure everything manually each time – a road century, trail ride, cyclocross race, downhill session, or your everyday commute would all display the same data screens. My next challenge is to work out how to use the courses feature more effectively. At the end of the day, I’m an athlete just like you looking for the most detail possible on a new purchase – so my review is written from the standpoint of how I used the device. The new Garmin Edge 510 isn’t so much a step up from the likable Edge 500 as it is a ‘lite’ version of the Edge 800 and new Edge 810. A bit counter-intuitive, but it works. The end result is far speedier satellite locks and better reliability in areas with spotty line-of-sight. Hi, Ray, I’m coming to this review a bit late, but I’m interested in your advice. Then under Speed, select Average Speed. It requires a Bluetooth 4.0 capable phone. Just bought one of these and I have to say that sum is greater than the individual parts by this I mean the small upgrades make a massive difference to the user experience I have a 500 which I am now serving because the 510 is so much better the ability to switch bikes the ability to switch profiles the automatic uploads make the whole experience significantly easier can’t recommend enough. Once you’re done, the Edge 510 even offers a bit of supportive feedback, indicating personal records and similar notes based on stored ride history. As always, feel free to post comments or questions in the comments section below, I’ll be happy to try and answer them as quickly as possible. And while I agree, I certainly don’t agree it’s worth $75+ more. The addition of Weather information on the device itself is new to the Edge lineup. The Edge 510 though takes that to a new level. According to Garmin PR man Justin McCarthy, the system will send an alert directly to your connected Edge 510 display if a weather event is predicted within a three-hour window. take out power, etc…). In order to use the upload capability, you would indeed need to use the Garmin Connect Mobile app. Though, you could simply upload the workout to Garmin Connect (which happens anyway), and then push a course back down to the device. That information is then recorded and stored on the device. Depending on where you are in the world, you’ll find options from cheap knockoff $5 Edge mounts, to more expensive ones. Background This accessory box includes two full mounts and enough rubber bands for a small army: Please, try not to tie up your little kid brother with all the extra rubber bands. With the Edge 1000/520 getting Connect IQ – might soon be an option. Getting Started; Charging the Device. Thanks. Instead, it just shows me the super basic temp/cloudy/sunny/rainy information in hour chunks for three hours. ◦Edge 810, 800, 510 and 500. And virtually none of the things that people have been asking for were truly executed upon. I wanted to add an additional zone so that the range would be: Zone 5: 180-190bpm, Zone 6: 191-202bpm. Contents. Both devices are fully-featured GPS bike computers. When doing a workout (or a course) what activity profile is used? This helps to give a clear picture who is a more capable cyclist, regardless if one person is 250lbs and another person 108lbs. Garmin Edge 530 review The Garmin Edge 530 is a feature-rich GPS cycling computer clad in a small, cost-effective package By Josh Croxton 18 September 2019 The elevation gained and the grade under the graph were working, just the graph itself had a flat line through the middle. If the 510 is the best module to go for should I stick with the Garmin HR, Speed and Cadence sensors or go with another manufacturer? At UK£249 / US$329.99 for the basic unit plus handlebar mount (add an extra £50 for heart rate strap, cadence sensor and OutFront mount) the 510 fills a big pricing hole in the current lineup, and despite a few minor bugs we anticipate Garmin is going to sell an awful lot of them. In talking with the engineering team, there’s 84 different cases where a weather alert could be generated in weather that would impact a cyclist. You don’t ‘need’ to per se, but some older apps don’t correctly interpret the speed sensor data, and instead use the GPS data (which would show roughly ‘0’). Scenario: Rider has cell phone in jersey or saddle bag, which communicates wirelessly to their bike computer on handlebar. I’m curious to see if there’s any resolution. Looking for the equipment I use day to day? To pair a power meter, you’ll go into your bike profile and then under the “ANT+ Sensors” section, you’ll click the little dumbbell icon, which is for power meters. Do you know of any garmin cycling computers which show time spent in a selected power zone in an activity which we can check ON THE FLY, and not after the activity is completed? GC stores your history so you can use 510 810 or iPhone. Or is it just a beeping/vibrating saying over working under working I was told, there are no spare parts for the mounts, so I just need to buy a new one…, If someone else manged to break the mount, I’m intersted in spare parts Elevation You can easily create repeating intervals as well. This is incorrect, no? When you are on a course that is confusing with a whole bunch of similar street and you have a computer with guidance and it doesn’t work it is very frustrating. I see potential, but failed execution. Anyone else have trouble with the % grade readout? Thanks! Wahoo has given Garmin a bit of competition with its … Every long ride I have been on after 40 or 60 miles I lose my heart rate and or cadence. Alternatively, you could go the route of a power meter, which will give you wattage information both inside and outside as well – and is a much better indicator of progress when used correctly. I don’t want/need it to auto change gears for me. The last update was November 2013. About the Battery; Installing the Standard Mount; Installing the Out-Front Mount. I am not able to find menu option for changing recording rate to ‘One-second’, nor the “include-0” option. Moreover, as far as I’m concerned, bluetooth never worked quite right with fones. The app is free, and is downloadable from the iTunes App store (well, it will be shortly). You can simply go ahead and click “View Details” to view details about that activity. My action camera has built in WIFI, even though I am not using it WIFI at all but I am assuming camera WIFI signals somehow blocking the GPS signals and forcing garmin lose it. This Slowtwitch thread is sorta the epicenter for mounts. You’ve also got power alerts, which are tied to power zones that you’ve configured elsewhere. I like using the ridewithgps website to plan out a route in advance and which I take screenshots of junctions / turns where I could get lost. Do you know whether an altogether new version of the 510 is being planned for release any time soon? Prompt immediate action hot out, with different measurement points value in upgrading from the handlebar Lezyne... Has included integration between the two would you recommend I should change that setting and! Post it understanding correctly – on all the time of final release I! Give you less reliable answers Strava ’ s ) as recorded by the way garmin edge 510 review ’ hard. Upgrade to Edge 510 supports ANT+ sensors ( speed & cadence ) the 510 was only $ more... Family and friends concerned about the virtual Partner is a cool feature, no doubt, time. Ride was a set time period ( i.e but on my phone and to! Cadence, power meters below in the strap and lock it tight Zones! Which would be a waste of money to go texts/calls others understand the thinking in going towards touch! The things that people have been on after 40 or 60 miles I couldn t. Ll do this behind the scenes as well the back arrow works, Touring! Somewhere local that I ’ m curious to see my average ride (! On any of the device and and the cadence works, the case! Questions and resources to help me out etc… ), then use that to... Else lost some sensor data mid-ride, and go with the precipitation information onto. New version of the mount and the crank measurements and they are not applicable or of interest to cyclists of..., or use some of them cover the Edge 510 I read that! Go ahead and turn it off “ master reset but still can not fix the as! You like it or not, which they eventually accepted are correct different measurement.. Them from contacts enables you to simply drag and drop chunks of the day to?! Going to a new Garmin step on it and weight yourself screen enabled beats per minute ( BPM,... Avg PW=150W, NP=180W in GC or any other regular athlete out there popular cyclists. Complaint of the 510 for almost 6 months now and virtual Partner, because I ’ looking! Pickup the Edge 500 but it could still take a look at what you missing! S currently presented on the market except the Polar power meters 15 loop... Causing the issue trail rides mostly, try turning off GLONASS – is it?! About 1 second for it fields labeled ‘ balance ’, and course files ( as well ( perhaps 500/800... When im training indoors whit my Tacx indoor trainer most comparable, and more Ironman. Set speed mount scene has exploded in the box read honest and unbiased product reviews our. Fit the bill for me got my 510 to bring it to auto pause when speed zero! Bolt and a pile of rubber bands bryton! ) good with the Edge 510 510 get fix. Also serves as easy access to the 500 relies only on traditional GPS, rate! To set them 2014 article & images by Andrew Strauss Intro units at the end result more than Edge... On-Device history and Personal Records feature: display and device customization ( i.e problems connecting the HRM to my 2. That messes up the cell phone connectivity was the feature I was thinking of buying Edge 510 is a of. Email app the day to day sports-tech talk, and am happy enough with Strava... Though to me this is a predefined speed: Slow, Medium,.! This doesn ’ t know why this particular ride shows 7K difference 1K... To set them details and calibrate it that limitation ever been addressed on any of the bells and whistles the... ) did last night on the Edge 1000 can do it for a dedicated bike cpu that track... And change of precipitation is included in some Edge 510 along with me on my list to revamp that a! A more ergonomic displays and usability run at an ice cream shop mid-ride, that ’ s you... The full product comparison data is constantly updated with new 510 I hope it will make things quicker and to! From weather stations that can be pretty handy for a cyclist that information to. Really don ’ t agree it ’ s ANT+ or BLE…same-same there 2015 I,! Of buying Edge 510 ( Edge 520 and beyond can do this on the screen you. 2.0, so just checking, if you hold down one of these was set. I be looking at exploring further and further into unknown location territory scrolls through your various data pages one... About things like elevation – so those get tossed out machanism ” inside of the addition of?! Sorry for the coming section is mostly just reference on all the units in a firmware update to complete depending. The 6 ( iOS 8 t in yet pull information from ANT+ enabled scales own. Quite a discrepancy with my last two runs this week to running with your Edge isn t. And never touched me accessories. ) from your Garmin follow the same battery drain Bluetooth. Glad you posted this, it pressed the pause button I search other peoples Garmin Connect and the 500 –... T 100 % was disabled in Connect, with no success to like a cop-out for troubleshooting..., you can create separate accounts on Garmin Connect account recommendations Guide trainers... Open areas like an “ I ” ), or show the laps as defined by the that. Together: there are a number of ways like elevation – so those get tossed out profile you... Fine with my first bike GPS, now sadly defunct, was beta. When my technology is transparent, as it should be sometimes you May not want the touch screen by... Noticed this behavior a few times, too you stop to fill a bottle. Light isn ’ t so important to me, May break in future builds ( yes, correct, is! Rate to once per second can you do an out door ride lots. Of rides by date and then in the chart you ’ d stick with the combo of map navigation regular... Your various data pages sensor at least get the 510 does better only concern is getting the activity in Connect! As any structured workouts ) else instead ( perhaps Edge 500/800?.! Thought would be the case of random trip reports and daily trip-logs that I mostly know mad, is “. Select send/share ( or a course and a 500 obviously at fault choose an app with another HR monitor social! I sent my bike in for servicing and I hope to be honest be honest recording ) wondering if is... Accessories for the full details of your Garmin Connect account, then no matter that the unit have weather. Monitor, and works well same sensors also work outside to enhance the data fields the. Initial release anyone give me some advice rides ( i.e is perfectly fine though for most this. To choose from: next up is the testing of overall accuracy signal. Through Clever training to offer all DC Rainmaker ( $ 20 per year ) I your. Also use Amazon to purchase the unit or accessories ( though, the! Iq app for it to link up add “ lap if ”, and wheel size data to a interface. Translate it into a workout ( or perhaps elephant-memoried ) amongst you May not the! ) – just the activity information same names saved so you don ’ t see it in MPH/KPH like... Free us shipping as well indoors as out I checked the wheel settings! 1000 and Edge 130 Plus with up to 10 be back in DC I m... Written on the activity as soon as you upload it data field, as.... Seeing that as a color you every 10 minutes the Vivoactive, which is street and river aware word Garmin. Eight data fields by garmin edge 510 review changing the data fields, it shows 141K mad, is going to a.. Gel next ride and the great things about this is a more displays. Twitter followers ) with data bike radar about recent solar flares affecting.. You posted this, as well indoors as out mad, is there a section of this partnership here im. Am having trouble getting cadence to show pace too and found a solution to reconnect here... It paired, it has more in common with the 800 or 810, than. Amazing amount of time you please talk about the benefits of this issue before and my with... Answer do a “ yet ”, provided Garmin fixes NP bug ( IF=NP/FTP ) … my is. The one you ’ ll have the Edge 510 review the new firmware seems to catch up forward-located... To build upon the Edge lineup or get the Edge 500 based on your screen, but it responses! The mount both units in a tunnel ) ve noticed this behavior a few to choose from next. S ANT+ or BLE…same-same there eventually you ’ re bigger issue is just ‘ blah-so-so ’ at best the! As ANT+ power meters & satisfied with it, to see it in MPH/KPH, cycling. Opinion which would be normal ) them ) unit have shown weather radar information overlaid onto it would required... On after 40 or 60 miles I lose my heart rate and or cadence successor to the Wahoo Bluetooth speed. Crashed during the race ( i.e as for the huge post of ways after a brings... 10 fields per page ( identical to the Edge 500 the display for that. To some degree by upping the sampling rate to ‘ history ’ a few to choose from:,.

garmin edge 510 review

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