It was brave, oh you, who are more and more forgetful of your own. Ovid: The Metamorphoses: a new complete downloadable English translation with comprehensive index, and other poetry translations including Baudelaire , Chinese, European . I suffer wounds from weapons I created! Only – by your mother Venus, and your brother’s arms, his arrows, and the sacred Trojan gods companions of your flight! The storms’ aid. What a crime that the fearful winds of misery touched me. If you were their future supporter escaped from the fire. She betrayed her father – I snatched my Thoas from death. Jupiter loved Europa, as a bull, hiding his godhead. What land do you live in, or with whom do you delay so long? Exact my punishment, wounded Honour, and by the violated. So you spoke. I am worthy, and wish, to become the wife of a powerful man: Don’t despise me, because I lay with you among the beech leaves: I’m more suited to a bed of royal purple. and twisting the bit in the mouth of a fleeing horse. And I was certain I’d struggle for a long time –. The Heroides XII XII Medea to Jason. Like Menelaus who cries out at the desecration of his marriage bed. [9] You men, now in the chase, and now husbanding the genial acres of the country, consume long hours in the varied tasks that keep you. A. S. Kline's open access poetry archive offering modern, high-quality translations of classic texts by famous poets, original poetry and critical work. Not for you the unbarring of a harsh husband’s gate. It is counsel and the prudent reasoning of the soul that swear, and, except the bonds of the judgment, none avail. Ah, would it had been constant against my sails – but it is foolish to complain of fickle winds. and overcome those troublesome men aided by Mars! With your own imperious hand you may tear my hair, and make my face livid with your fingers. We often rested our flocks, hidden among the trees. And what it might be better for me not to have known: wrongly. O I wish the harm done you, in your heart’s core. This is your work – your work, and that of your eyes, brighter than the fiery stars, and the cause of my burning love; this is the work of your golden tresses and that ivory throat, and the hands which I pray to have clasp my neck, and your comely features, modest yet not rustic, and feet which Thetis’ own methinks could scarcely equal. Compelled by beauty such as this, it is no cause for marvel if I wished the pledge of your word. Don’t reply to me however: come yourself. should you let your mind fear those empty names. There was a war: he proudly withdrew, refusing battle. I believed the flattering words, of which you had a store: I believed in your breeding and your titles: I believed your tears. Triton will drive his dark-green horses through the waters. You’ll go - O pity me! She sits before the door, and when they ask how I do within, answers, “She sleeps,” that I may write in safety. don’t worry me, nor fear of the boar’s curving tooth. Why did you fear what was not to come? and you might have been betrayed yourself, by your rules: The swift Satyrs, with hasty foot, an insolent crowd, searched for me (I hid secretly in the woods). And since you hold bound the gods, I myself follow their will, and gladly yield my vanquished hands in fulfilment of your prayers; with eyes full of shame held fast on the ground, I have confessed to my mother the pledge my tongue was trapped to give. Priam, and all of Troy, were scarcely worth this! to cause deception, with my doubtful web. These waters, that separate two lands, are scant. The Greek heifer’s coming! What should I say of how you, shamefully absent, nourish. Indeed she was not even a bride, experiencing the wedding torch –. and as I am forsaken, a wife, and mother of two children. and look out on your people from its high fortress? I cursed Theseus, because he did not wish to let you go: or perhaps could not remember your course. I wish that you too might be altered like the winds. I am not disturbed that I helped you with harbour and shelter: but that should have been the end of my kindnesses! Tlepolemus’s death is then a new cause of anxiety to me. I wept that tricks might fail of success. My neck too, since faithless arms offered to encircle it. What are you doing there? I give thanks for your safety, as much as you might allow: yet surely the letter itself should have come from you. Even if you escape these ills, in child-birth will you dare pray for aid from her light-bringing7 hands? though I complain of his treachery, still I love him more. © Copyright 2000-2020 A. S. Kline, All Rights Reserved. If I have willed to pledge my hand to you, exact the due rights of the promised marriage-bed; but if I have given you naught but my voice, without my heart, you possess in vain but words without a force of their own. so that there was a sound ship ready for your desertion: I gave you oars so that you might abandon me in flight. Only expend your harshness on the wooded hills: I’m not a fit subject to be destroyed by you. to her father-in-law Peleus, descendant of Jove and Aegina. Hope you had given; my ardent heart put trust in you. [77] Moved by the fame of the place, I was in eager haste to visit Delos, and the craft in which I sailed seemed spiritless. If this plan holds, win away their great wealth from the rich; make kings take oath to give their thrones to you, and let whatsoever pleases you in all the world be yours! Look, nurse is pouring drops into auspicious fires.4 “To-morrow,” she says, “we shall be more,” and herself drinks of the wine. – to what violent man do you abandon me? [85] But bind me not with shackles nor with chains – I shall be kept in bonds by unyielding love for you. Look you, how Eurus tosses the rolling waters! Fir-trees were felled, and timbers cut, a fleet prepared. your ships, to seek domains in Italy, where, you do not know. Irus and Melanthius driving in the flocks to be slaughtered. and endured harsh journeys, pursued by enemies. [197] ‘Tis not a matter of myself; the care I labour with is greater. “Wed, I pray,” she will say, “him to whom the good gods join you; the one you swore should be, let be my son-in-law. Why did you let it pass? Ovid's Heroides by itself deserves four stars, and one off for this translation. The victor is absent, and I am not allowed to know. Her father but gave promise of her, while she, too, made oath – to her lover; he called men to witness, she a goddess. if I wait here, as I waited while Troy still stood. TORRENT download. I would have been Medea to Medea. lest my enemy, shipwrecked, drink the salt breakers. I would have drenched my face with my rival’s blood. My right hand holds the pen, a drawn blade the other holds, and the paper lies unrolled in my lap. and by the mystic rites of the torch-bearing goddess: if each of these many injured gods took vengeance with their powers. She promised herself to me, her father her to you; he is first after her, but surely she is nearer to herself than her father is. is valuable, and the rose first gathered by slender fingers. For why, though Phrixus and Phrixus’ sister both rode this way, did the maiden alone give name to these wide waters? The Heroides VII. What you have done, Cydippe, needs no blush. I do not speak because I hope to move you with prayers: But since I may have wholly wasted my reputation for merit. [1] From stolen Briseis is the writing you read, scarce charactered in Greek … [151] My lamp has sputtered, see! embrace your hard-hearted brother: let him serve in your ranks. why did you refuse to accept what you ought to have given? My stunned heart trembled, and a cold tremor. Ovid (Publius Ovidius Naso, 43 BCE –17 CE), born at Sulmo, studied rhetoric and law at Rome.Later he did considerable public service there, and otherwise devoted himself to poetry and to society. Why should I beg, miserably? You add the infant’s death to the unhappy mother’s. I who cause it will likewise assuage the wrath I stirred, let me but have a slight chance of appeasing you. 2. of being able to mask guilt by known kinship. The issue rests with the gods, but you will be taken none the less. and the oars whitened the swirling water. 4. I took council (not afraid of much as yet) with old women. in the end whatever you do delights my eyes. nor your father: she’s a daughter-in-law come from the frozen pole. the conditions for peace, here too a place for arms. laws of my marriage-bed leave no reputation to my ashes. When the moon’s horns had touched once more, at the full. Yet, with so many lost, you alone made up for them: you were lord, you were husband, you were brother to me. to boast of: my innocence deserved friendship. you swore by Neptune, your grandfather, unless that too is a lie. But you, as oft as you seek your love, so oft you leave her, and whene’er ‘tis peril for boats to go, you swim. What death would have been fitting reward for such treachery? Fickle son of Aeson, more uncertain than a spring breeze. yet I don’t hate Aeneas, though he might think badly of me. he will close my eyes in death, and yours! 4. I sent to Pylos, to the Nelean fields of ancient Nestor: and I sent to Sparta: no known truth from Sparta either. to be welcomed to that half of the bed you promised me. “Such learned enumerations of the love adventures of the gods appear to have been a form of poetry cultivated by the Alexandrians.” Purser, in Palmer p. 475. I am scorched like wax torches dipped in sulphur. Happy they whom their own presence bids know the true charge, and forbids to fear the false. What the conqueror granted his enemy, I ask as a friend. Jupiter the Just, himself, assists my prayers, let her grieve herself for what Hypsipyle bewails, a rival. Whatever might give Jupiter pleasure he declared lawful. This is not a letter created by a Mycenean hand. 9. Yet had it been better for you – if that boy really held you captive who you say has certain torches – to do as good men are wont, and not cheat your hope by dealing falsely; you should have won me by persuasion, not taken me whether or no! Set aside the gods, and the holy things you profane by touching! – her godhead wronged. See you relate in order how you first became known to me, while she was herself making sacrifice to the goddess of the quiver; how at sight of you, if perchance you noticed, I straight stood still with eyes fixed on your charms; and how, while I gazed on you too eagerly – sure mark of love’s madness – my cloak slipped from my shoulder and fell; how, after than, in some way came the rolling apple, with its treacherous words in clever character; and how, because they were read in holy Diana’s presence, you were bound by a pledge with deity to witness. I didn’t ask gold and gems for the price of my unchastity: it’s shameful for gifts to buy a free-born body. Wretch, why rejoice? Why did you wish to compel me rather than persuade, if I could be won by listening to your suit? [13] For the languor clings to me, for causes that do not appear; worn out, I find no help in the physician’s art. whether she should be returned to the Greeks: consult as to what grave Antenor, or Priam himself, would urge. How oft did I chide the oars for being slow, and complain that sparing canvas was given to the wind! When have I not feared dangers worse than all realities? I regret that friendship was shamefully crowned. And he told of Rhesus and Dolon dead by your sword. and cruel Mars bring an end to your troubles, and Ascanius fulfil his years in happiness. My mother could seduce a bull: will you be more savage than that wild bull? I remember, a poplar, rooted by a flowing stream. she who fell so quickly into your embrace. How did I learn all this, you rightly ask? Spare a maid in distress, O goddess whose joy is the painted quiver, and grant me the health-bringing aid of thy brother! The words you read come from stolen Briseis, an alien who has learned some Greek. So may Helen grieve and weep, abandoned by her lover. You who now are a son of Priam, (let fear of the truth be absent). I, your companion, was given to Eurybates and Talthybius. [99] Sometimes I fear my birthplace may injure me, and I be called no match, a Thracian maid, for a husband from Abydos. We too could soon be numbered in this throng! With her own hand she sets gems upon my fingers and gold in my tresses, and with her own hand places the robes about my shoulders. This work may be freely reproduced, stored and transmitted, electronically or otherwise, for any non-commercial purpose. Oft does the perfume distil from his wreathèd locks, and the mantle he sweeps along is splendid with much saffron. See iv. And I pray, that the spear from Pelion. The beech trees guard my name, cut there by you. you approved of fierce war, and your glory died with my country? His divine mother, Venus, and the son’s pious burden, his old father. Cydippe to Acontius. 3. . and a horse captured from the herd scarcely suffers the harness. Stay your fears, maiden! I have blood that should flow from my pierced breast. I founded Carthage, and laid out wide walls on every side. The chaste favourite of the goddess, courted by Phaedra, who compassed his death because of his refusal. Now I’m swept away, like the Maenads roused by Bacchic frenzy. There is no need of these; only shun false oaths, preserve the pledge you have given – and so yourself, and me! 5. The bow (indeed, your weapons imitate Diana’s). do you so often, so wrongly, trust the waters you’ve tried? 2. Come, imagine, if you were snatched up by a swift whirlwind –. I cannot believe that to cheat a girl is anything. have regard for anxious Briseis, mighty Achilles. that has charged a man with false crimes! Indeed, I now, lest I might be thought no child of Minos. Exiled from Tyre, I left my country, my husband’s ashes. You may recall the words which the fruit I plucked from the tree and threw to you brought to your chaste hands; you will find that in them you promise me what I pray that you, maiden, rather than the goddess, will remember, I am still as fearful as ever, but my fear has grown keener than it was; for the flame of my love has waxed with being delayed, and taken on strength, and the passion that was never slight has now grown great, fed by long time and the hope that you had given. Out with you from another’s chamber, out with you, I say! Jason, I don’t admire the crime the Lemnian women committed! [21] I will give you leave to say you were deceived, and by wiles of mine, if only of those wiles my love be counted cause. I pray that I might be swallowed by some sudden crack in the earth. Paris, the adulterer, had been whelmed beneath angry seas! Heroides VIII-XV. I know how the waves strike the African shore: and grant or deny a passage at certain times: when the wind grants you way, you may unfurl your sails: then fickle weeds enclose your grounded boat. 3. Now the Greeks think you’re grieving – but you play music. I saw three brothers fall, who were born and died together. In fact you would have been safe and sound because of me. Briseis to Achilles. and Dido, forced to die by Phrygian deceit: the image of the wife you cheated would stand before your eyes. [241] That too long a letter may not weary your weakened frame, and hat it may close with the accustomed end: fare well! If I now said to you: ‘Bravest, you too swear to me.

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