In this competition, whichever crocodile is the first to give up (by tapping out) gets banished from the float while the winner takes control of the remaining crocodiles. Having seen Hodari's immense bravery, Makuu commends the little gecko and offers him a position in the float if he is still interested. This game have 0 comments. After ditching Zazu, he and Bunga make their way over to Pua's watering hole, where Bunga shows his bravery by ordering the crocodiles to move out of their way while Kion remains cautious of their presence. They approach the battle scene, and start defending Makuu's float from their attackers. y bashes into Tamka, causing a chain effect which ends with the float in the water. During the talk Makuu tries to tell Simba the importance of the water that he and his float needs, and Simba understands and assures him that he'll that have it. They live in the Pride Lands, the Outlands and the Marsh. In The Lion Guard, most crocodiles have teeth that resemble an alligator's rather than a true crocodile's. The Lion Guard: A crocodile who is the leader of his float in the Pride Lands. Name: Dilea Age: 20 Gender: Female Likes: Swimming, Singing, Music, Racing, Making friends and Respect Dislikes: Fighting, Being Alone and Loud noises Personality: Kind, Shy, Helpful, Gentle, Sweet, Motherly and Giving Looks: like the pic Crush: Makuu the crocodile Bio: She came from a far away place after being banished for not being tough enough. If you want, you can play more games from The Lion Guard Games. Makuu later leads the crocodiles into Big Springs without permission, driving out the hippos and causing everyone in the. Shown Their Work / The Lion Guard ... (hence their name aardvark cucumber). Green Bee-Eater (Merops … Later on, the crocodiles gather to celebrate Kupatana. The Lion Guard (Nile Crocodile) However, they soon realise that he's already missing, and Mtoto alerts them to Makuu's presence down at the watering hole. Kion then devises a plan to find out. When the time for the Mashindano arrives, the crocodile float as well as the rest of the Pride Landers watch as Makuu and Pua, brutally battle it out. The Lion Guard (Mugger Crocodile) Crocodiles are creatures that appear in The Lion King universe. Later they meet up with Cheezi, Chungu and Goigoi and they fight over what part of Thurston they wanna eat. Pua agrees that rules are rules, and even Simba respects the ways of the crocodiles. Alligators are black or gray with a pale underside. Kion tries to save Makuu, but is stopped by Tamka. Crocodilians and their extinct relatives are part of a group called Archosauria, which also includes birds, non-avian dinosaurs, and pterosaurs. Crocodiles in the Lion Guard are drawn with four clawed fingers on each hand. He is a former member of Makuu's float, he later serves as Makuu's arch-nemesis and the leader of the crocodiles living in The Outlands, that served under Scar, before reforming after Scar's defeat. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Lifespan on now. As the fearsome creatures instigate an attack, the young lions race away in fear. When Makuu overhears that Kion will no longer use his roar, he uses the opportunity to take over the Flood Plains, but thanks to Kion, he and his. Basi denies, saying there are still too few fish, and, requesting that they return later. Makuu and the rest of his float laugh but Bunga refuses to leave, challenging Makuu by mistake. Pua accepts without protest, provoking an outburst from the young crocodile Makuu. In the lair some of paints of crocodiles appear since Termites all over. But Kiburi already knows and awaits at Lake Matope at sunset.

lion guard crocodile name

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