Although we cannot know specifically what they looked like, we do have a record of their names, origin, age, sex, and racial make-up (see table below). To honor the founding of Los Angeles (September 4, 1781), we “put a face” on the 44 people who founded what was originally a tiny farming village. Streets that have not changed their names are not listed. Los Angeles Street Names. Pasadena's Colorado Boulevard appears on millions of television screens each New Year's Day as the route of the Rose Parade. Ord, 1849 Image courtesy Los Angeles Public Library The old city has had plenty more street names that, for good reason, have not survived. Los Angeles City Map No. In the compact recorded history of Los Angeles, a surprising number of neighborhoods, developments, and village names have come and gone. Century City neighborhood sign for in City of Los Angeles. Please note that the list below is not exhaustive, but offers only some Los Angeles County place names. Security Savings Bank. ... Security Map And Street Railway Guide of the City of Los Angeles. For the best genealogy of your street’s name, call the city Planning Department. Sunset Boulevard lent its evocative name to Billy Wilder's classic film noir. Map of Los Angeles. Discover the past of Los Angeles on historical maps Browse the old maps. Local historical societies often provide direction and sometimes undertake the searches for a fee. In the chart below, only the final two digits of the Los Angeles zip code are given I cross-checked the names against the 2002 Thomas Guide, but this is an unofficial site. Street Names of Los Angeles by Bernice Kimball at the History Department reference desk may clarify the origination of street names and subsequent name changes. Many of the nearly 50,000 street names in Los Angeles County carry the names of notables, an efficient way of marking history: Washington, for the first president; Pico, for the last governor of California under Mexican rule; Lindbergh, for the aviator; and Martin Luther King Jr., for the civil rights leader. Santa Monica. Los Angeles County Place Names Meanings & Origins. 1, Edward E.C. List of Street Names in Los Angeles County, California, Maps and Street Views. View our COVID-19 Safety Guidelines for more information. Outlining the origin of all their names would be a project worthy of a large research university. Photo by Los Angeles City Department of Transporation. 1 : 42240 California Department of Engineering. Here are where our major street names came from: Centinela Ave. - Spanish for "Centinel," the name given to the fortress-like hill which overlooks Westchester and Inglewood. Pasadena 1 : 62500. What better way to know the history of the city than to know the origin of its street names? Glen … Detail Irrigation Map. L.A. is a big place—the Los Angeles Times’ Mapping L.A. project has 272 neighborhoods in the city. Like some of the very people who drive on them, a few Los Angeles streets have achieved the height of fame. See CITIES for origins of city names in Los Angeles County. The Stories Behind LA's Street Names NHM, including the Spider Pavilion and Nature Gardens, is closed until further notice.

los angeles street names history

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