obtained by squeezing the leaves to remove fluid (or an extract of … Please I want to know if taking bitter leaf juice for detoxification is good for children and what quantity should they take. Please can i add bitter leaf to my cream? Take Alcohol. Make a juice of the Bitter leaves and mix it with water. … hello my question to you is what iis the changes that bitter leaf would help with high blood pressure ? There are no side effects that have been reported till the date, except a little discomfort when taking initially. 2016 may I was diagnosed of hormoragic left ovarian cysts which measures 8.1cm the doctor think as a result of this that is the reason of my dark discharge. What herb can be taken to eliminate or shrink fibroid (submucous uterine fibroid) while pregnant. I recently thought maybe am having poisonous substance in my body that keep my body system in a deteriorating state. I just want to add that for those battling hep B or C, phyllantus nururi or amarus would cure it. It also depends on the additional medicines , if taking any. http://herbpathy.com/Herbal-Treatment-for-Ulcers-Cid31 Copy paste the link in your url and check the page. Preferably Vodka-- should be 100 proof vodka. As soon as you touch it, it sleeps. Dear Julie DVT is the disease of Veins. Can I boil bitter leaf and drink the juice? or you may boil the stem and root of this plant and drink a glass twice daily till the symptoms persist. Take Tribulus Terrestris tincture ( 10 drops 2 times in a day ). tter leafs cure irregular dark discharge after 14days of mestration. I want to have safe delivery. If yes, how can one uses it? I take a glass in the morn and at night, hope it's not too much? Bitter leaf contains flavonoids which have powerful antioxidant effects in … How to help a 19 year old with anxiety and depression and memory problems? Thanks. I want to know how to use bitter leaf to recover memory loss. Do not give Bitter Leaf to an infant, it is too harsh for the baby. i have done that many times they said hormonal imbalance.they only end up in forcing it out with injection after some time it will go off again.please i need something that will correct it permanently so i will be able to take in thanks. I am a gastric cancer survival patience since 2016, can i be taking bitter leaf ? What herbs can I take to reduce my blood pressure cos it reads 150/100 and 180/120 depending. Can bitter leafs also work for pimples, if say how do I use it for pimples. Aids In Weight Loss. and have been advice by some people to go for herb, but am scared because my doctors said i should not take any herbal concotion that it will damage the Liver more. The courier service can transport it to me so he told me the amount I will pay, so my dad paid for the delivery fee. Also for Typhoid fever, take Sage tea, one cup every day for one week. Thank you. Kindly let me know if somebody expecting to conceive or is pregnant already can eat or drink any of these: Scent leaf, bitter leaf, broccoli, cabbage, papaya, Gallic, ginger to cure breast lumps or prevent cancer outrightly. So, your friend is right. ]. Take some fresh Bitter Leaves to extract out the juice. It is your choice, you may take the raw leaves, or squeeze out juice from the leaves and drink it. Can bitter leaf juice with honey cure Hep B? Was it by prayer or by bitter leaf juice. I have lived with this for years and I believe there is a solution to every challenges. Pls can bitter leaf help shrink fibroid ? My 3year old has had a cough that has refused to go despite medication. You may apply it on the skin. Drink a glass of extracted Bitter Leaf juice thrice a day to reduce fever. Do you suffer from Uterine Fibroids ? Please mention why you were taking Bitter leaf, so anything else can be suggested for ailment if any. Please what durgs can I take. What herb should I use for both to be cured? “Effects of temperature and solvent on antioxidant properties of curry leaf (Murraya koenigii L.).” Journal of food science and technology 48, no. Also can bitter leaf juice help unblock Fallopian tube. She sometimes complain of stomach ache. Bitter-leaf can be very helpful in maintaining the livers optimum health to release bile acid every time people eat fatty foods. Drink a glass of juice twice a day. Precious I do not think it is a right idea to shrink the fibroid while you are pregnant. i tell you that as you apply this decoction,you will get better than before but do not take excess of it at the moment. Take Ganoderma capsule daily for a week. To avoid these unpleasant consequences, remember about correct dosage (4-6%, around 1200 … What's Gymnea sylvester and Tinospora cordifolia? 4 years since the treatment, i still feel stronger than ever with no symptoms at all, only occasional tingling on my right foot at night. PLEASE MY MOTHER DRINK TO MUCH OF BETTER LEAF WATER AND THE THING WAS DISTURBING HER SO MUCH, AND SHE CANT EAT .WHAT DRUG WILL SHE TAKE? Can bitter leaf and scent leaf treat and cure diabetes and high blood pressure? Okay. Boil some fresh Bitter leaves in 100 ml of water for 5 to 10 minutes. i mean if one is not ovulating can bitter cure anything that hs stop the ovulation? Milk Thistle capsules, one every day for a month. Koley, K. M. and Lal, J. Pharmacological effects of Azadirachta indica (neem) leaf extract on the ECG and blood pressure of rat. Taoreed. Snow mountain Garlic can also help the typhoid patient. If so, what quantity, thanks. I'm trying to conceive, I have very very irregular menses, it come when I'm on medication and it stops i stop taking the medicines, I've been married for two years now,no show. Scent Leaf is very popular in India and is popularly known as scent leaf or Tulsi. He is truly a genius at what he does. This fruit is likely to have shape similarly to cucumber and it has bumps on the surface. Apply it every day on the affected area. I don't know if I can take the juice. Gift, Bitter leaf use is not suggested if you are trying to conceive, rather few but research says chances of abortion by the use of Bitter Leaf. I have read about Fever nut herb to cure PCOs. Bitter leaf does not supply oestrogen but helps the body to produce the right amount of oestrogen needed for life function. Thanks, Faith. Can bitter leaf improve serial performance? please is there any cure for diabetes type 2. Thank you. To reduce Bp : Take Giloy. Thank you! I want you to advice me on how to reduce my weight fast and have a flat stomach. Hello Diamond. if not, how can it be cured. My names are Clara David I’m a citizen of USA, My younger sister was sicking of breast cancer and her name is Sandra David I and my family have taking her to all kind of hospital in USA still yet no good result. The bitter leaf rich with antiseptic that lowers the fever effectively. Hello Karan, I finished treatment yesterday. It may help in reducing or expelling the phlegm. you might be suffering from hormonal imbalance, or the most common problem in women, i.e. I really enjoy it. PREPARATION: Squeeze bitter leaves and scent leaves together add lemon or lime and drink first thing in the morning and night for some days. please, when a man is not having full Erection what could be the cause and what is the solution to reverse himself to his normal state of nature, thanks. How did you manage treat or cure high blood pressure and diabetes with that product? Try for a week, monitor your blood pressure levels. However, this vegetable is one of the most versatile and beneficial plants in the world as it is used for medicinal, culinary, and even curative purposes. Valerian is also good for Insomnia. There you will find many Herbs that cure PCOS... some say it is better to boil the leaves, as the raw juice is damaging to the liver over time. because I KNOW THAT THERE is no cure for Diabetes except God my Email is ihemechrist@yahoo.com phone 08100858575, Please can it cure a fungal infection and how. Drink 15 ml radish juice thrice in a week for 3 consecutive weeks. What quantity of bitter leave can I use to cure it and how long should I take this herb. Can bitter leaf help to cure ovarian cyst. My chewing the bitter leafs leafs can I lost weight? Take 5 to 6 Bitter leaves and squeeze out the juice. Lily Bitter Leaf is not the cure for you you. We can then suggest to you in a better way. The doctor said I'm prediabetic. please i read some of your remedy you shared on the this page and want to try the bitter leaf juice on empty stomach, radish juice and milk thistle. List of various diseases cured by Bitter Leaf. Google it and see if you can find it. Have turmeric Lehyam, one table spoon with milk every night for a week. It thus helps in reducing weight. I have been having bleeding before and after menstruation, the bleeding use to last 12-15 days every month since November 2019, I have gone for high vaginal swap test, urinaries mcs nothing was found, pelvic utral scan also nothing found but I saw left ovarian masses--follicles. It is very good for cholesterol problems. Rub it on the marks gently. You can have it from a homeopathic store and get the required dosage too. Because, it is impossible to kill a virus. Take 5 drops in a glass of water and have it daily for a week. Bitter Leaf can be used to cure Typhoid. please I was diagnosed with gas in my gallbladder (emphamatous) this has been causing pains on my shoulder and upper back coming to my plank area just under my breast.it pain is sometimes a burning sensation. Please can you tell what to use cause am tired of it. Please what natural remedy can I use to relieve this , and also I always feel sleepy or fall asleep as soon as I finish eating . However, for Acid Reflux,take the following--- 1.Take 2 tablespoon of Aamla ( Indian Goose Berry ) juice every morning with warm water. Please for some days now I have been feeling hurt on my upper abdomen and near my breast side I feel like throwing up when ever I finish eating and taking drugs I feel vomiting and stool at same time it's like a heartburn at same time the pain comes up to my chest and my stomach tight what can I take to cure this please can bitter leaf work it and how does it pls. However, to reduce the risk of Hepatitis B, we suggest you to consume Milk Thistle for a month. Yes, Ben . side effects. Boil 5 to 10 leaves in water. Please what is the best cure for pile?In fact this one is shooting out and making me very uncomfortable?Can bitter leaf juice cure it? Moreover, it will not remove the virus, but will suppress it. Thus, it is important for us to know if all these symptoms belong to the same person. Tunmise For Arthritis, the best herb is Night Jasmine. Can better help an hiv patient increase immune. Take 10 drops of Mother tincture two times in a day. It read 116 after two weeks of the first test which was 108. It worked for me. Incidentally if people are looking for a a form , my husband used a fillable version here https://goo.gl/hlGHFq, UNITED STATE DISPATCH NEWS!! Take a cup of freshly squeezed bitter leaf juice, twice a day. Chewing on the leaves can relieve colds and flu symptoms. To improve libido, takeLand Caltrops capsules, one everyday for 30 days. Other herbs are Blueberry and Alfalfa. I need your advice. Side effect of bitter leaf juice are mainly caused by personal allergic reactions. She is 17years. What herbs can I take to further reduce my blood sugar. Please my pregnant wife was tested positive for HPV, what can she use to get cure while pregnant? No amount of local application or pain killers are going to help, until the Liver disorder is corrected. It clears the arteries too. Well I was at the hospital recently Ginsomin was prescribed to reduce stress and as I speak I still haven't seen any changes. Can bitterleaf juice cure Urinary tract infection? Bitter Leaf is an effective herb to cure Indigestion. You may take Bitter Leaf juice for these conditions. Mix Lemon juice with cucumber juice. I need your traditional advice medical and spiritual advice. Thanks. Thank you Sophia. Indian J Physiol Pharmacol 1994;38(3):223-225. Can I take this bitter leaf water. Dear Daniel, Bitter leaf is known to solve Hair problems. Researchers have found that using scent leaf or sweet basil and bitter leaf in combination or singly could stop the growth of breast, lung and prostate cancers. A bitter leaf can increase glucose levels in the blood. Please I have pelvic inflammatory disease and ovarian cyst, how can I use the bitter leaf to fire it? Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients in Bitter Leaf. Do not massage it too much on the skin. all my gum are extremely soft skin are as if blood is not flowing and my penis is affected in similar manner. Drink it twice a day to lower the raised blood sugar levels. You try Gymnema Sylvestre tincture, 5 drops 2 to 3 times in a day. Can the in take of bitter leaf juice abort pregnancy? This is also very effective in curing Typhoid. The purpose should be to get the fresh juice of leaves that's it. Know how to wipe of cellulite, stretch marks, black spot, and pimples with natural remedy like, avocado, moringa or walnut oil apart from all this I mentioned. Remain blessed. I used to have 4-5 days before. Did you get yourself examined by a doctor ? How much did you take ? Have done kidney function test (2x) and urine analysis (4x) since it started 3 months ago, results are fine but symptoms persist. Please can I take bitter leaf and dandelion so that I can be fertile? I have been happier ever after. Pls I've trying to get pregnant I am 40yrs, can the intake of better leaf help me. Bad Breath. Am 8weeks pregnant and I am tested positive with hbv few days ago, which herb can I take since I can't consume bitter leaf extract. is it true". Why please, Please I recently started taking the slightly washed bitter leaf. Thanks. Take it 1hr before bedtime. Please help me, I have been battling with this eczema for years now. Bitter melon is a fruit which is bitter in taste and it has yellow covering flowers with lobed leaves. Can bitterleaf be helpful in the treatment or cure of cancer in my body? PLEASE I WISH TO BE RECEIVING MAILS ON HEALTH TIPS FROM YOU. Health benefits of bitter leaf and scent leaf juice. Drink Apple Cider Vinegar, twice a day. Please what is the most effective way to get bitter leave juice extract. Is giving a 1year and 8 months old baby the juice of bitter leaf boiled water good for feverish. Please what else do you think I should do? I suffer from chronic eczema, very severe since I was around 8 years old. please i have been experiencing excruciating pains in my waist that has made it impossible for me to stand for more than 5 minutes. Had to do it for a week. Few weeks into the treatment I had improved muscle strength and coordination, improved speech, improved walking balance, increased appetite, improved eyesight and improved mood swings. Repeat it once a day. I was told that taking bitter leaf juice occasionally damages the liver.How true is that? Apply a thick paste of Cayenne mixed with water on the affected area. Can bitter leaf improve this. For how many days can I take this herb if I have stomach ache, can i mix better leaf with honey and keep in fridge....does it blend together without any bad effect. please I was diagnosed at the hospital and the doctor said I having typhoid. The cure depends on the degree of severity of the disease. Thank you. It started with my face, and now my back, buttocks and breast is covered in it. But, if you can , this is the apt method . 2 capsules every morning after breakfast for the past six months. yes i have anterior and posterior fibroid. Acute Hepatitis is a short- term infection. Any other medicines that you are already taking ? Sir please are they alternative to this herbs as I can't get them in Nigeria here ad my gynecologist adviced against taking capsule as they increase fibroid growth. You can get a tincture of it. It is known to treat a number of ailments as Blood pressure, Diabetes etc. God bless you real good. I am taking this with Moringa in capsules as well. I have similar problem. Readthe page, I have share dtyhe link with you. Then you may switch to Apple Cider Vinegar or Black Cumin Oil ( Added with honey to it ). I have low progesterone can I use bitter leaf water. There are no side effects of using bitter leaf when pregnant because it helps with conception. Please I was diagnosed with diabetes. I have taking durgs still yet it has not stop. Please l will like to find out whether it is good to juice bitter leaf and dandelion together, Can bitter leaf with ginger help in weight loss. You can chew leaves before going to bed. I have tried everything recommended both drugs and creams, but it works temporarily and then surface again especially during my monthly period. Do not put it in water. Hi. Be steadfast in taking whether the fresh or dried herb. A physical examination is important in your case, please get yourself examined first. For loss of appetite, take Marijuana tincture, its homeopathic name is Cannabis Indica. I'm also having breast milk. 4 years ago I learnt about ALS/MND successful chinese medicine from Rich Herbs Foundation (ww w. richherbsfoundation.c om), the treatment made a tremendous difference for me. I have in my house and it is working well for me. Drink this decoction daily to get rid of Malaria. DO not give Bitter leaf juice to the baby. Can bitter leaf help. Sir I'm Francis from Nigeria. I was given some medications to use for few weeks and see the outcome of the drugs. What quantity should one take at a time, I take one cup at a time and sometimes it keeps me uncomfortable. Please ,what herbs is the best for treating an hypertensive patient which is now down with stroke? Is that all? Please can bitter leaf juice cure pelvic infection. please I need help i have been diagnosed with gallbladder stones. I had my first child and she's 4 years now, I am trying to get pregnant again but all to no avail, I went to Doctor and He tested me and told me that I have bacteria infection and much worms, He injected me and put me on drugs but all to know avail. Taking bitter leaf with ginger what's it health effects . A FRIEND HAS BEEN DIAGNOSIS BY HEP B AND BEEN GIVEN A DRUG CALLED LAMIDUVINE CAN I COMBINE IT WITH BITTER LEAF AND SCENT LEAF. Please i was diagnosed of pre-diabetic. Pls help. Despite many benefits of scent leaf, the herb still has some side effects on humans when overdosed or used at the wrong time. However, the water extract is marked effective to curb sleeplessness. I had an infection 3 years ago which I took some herbs and the discharge from my penis stopped but after then I started having gastric problem I pass gas more often than before, so I went for a test and I was told no bacteria infection found but within me I know I was not normal since then I have been having noisy stomach and hotness in my stomach and chest, now my heart skip often and I find it hard to breath, I want to know if bitter leave can cure my problem. Thank you sir. Scent leaf, brewed as tea, has been used as a remedy for stomach disorders, including gastroenteritis. I have tried only garlic, tried olive oil too, they work but it keeps coming back after some time. Have it in gaps. It possible you have ulcer ,while the acid in the lime activated it. Drink 30 ml of fresh Bitter Leaf juice every day for a month. Buy, Bohrevia Diffusa water extract, take 10 drops, daily for a month. I have thyroid nodules problem.some people says bitter leaves also is good .is it true? WHAT A GREAT MIRACLE THAT I HAVE EVER SEE IN MY LIFE. I have been diagnosed with high blood pressure at a very young age. Remedies for your kid are--.

side effect of scent leaf and bitter leaf

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