Strelitzia reginae was chosen as the very first Plant of the Week when this series began in … They belong to desert areas, the plant and flowers are entirely different from Strelitzia species. Dr. van de Venter noted that there are genetic differences between S. juncea and S. reginae and that intermediate forms exist that could be hybrids between the two species. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The Juncea bird of paradise (Strelitzia reginae var. Description Bird of Paradise Dwarf Strelitzia Reginae is the dwarf variety of a tropical, shrubby perennial plant that is native to South Africa. They’ll withstand drought, salty coastal conditions, light frost and general neglect. If you want to include it in your rooms, then check out these best Bird of Paradise Types You Can Grow Indoors. It is said to reach only 30 to 90cm in height. They’ve more to offer than just looks though. It is very compact and is already flowering at a small stage. It is wind resistant & would grow well in coastal gardens. Flower heads of orange and blue are held below the highest leaf tips. It’s flowers resemble the S. reginae flowers, but it’s leaves are narrow and reed-like. These plants grow to a height of 2 metres and produce large yellow or orange flowers which are borne on cylindrical scapes. Leaves are on the very ends of long cylindrical stems, and shaped like a paddle. Make sure the main stem is not sitting below ground level, as water may collect around the base and cause rotting. Individual flowers last about a week and the spathe holds 5 to 7 flowers and so are showy over a prolonged flowering period. Its foliage has a ‘leather’ touch to it, with green to gray hues. It prefers bright direct or indirect sunlight and moist soil. They resemble a spoon on a long handle. Pruning Strelitzia. There are several varieties of this plant, both in size of leaf, color of leaf (some blue-green) and particularly in the flower. Strelitzia reginae - bird of paradise DESCRIPTION: Classic tropical flower on long thick stems, shaped like a bird's beak and crest, orange and purple. Strelitzia (Strelitzia spp. Strelitzia juncea - rush-leaf bird of paradise DESCRIPTION: Long slender grey-green tubular leaves in a clump, with bird-like orange and purple-blue flowers on long stems amid the foliage. The completely different genus, Caesalpinia, comprises many broadleaf evergreen shrubs and trees. Plant in full sun or part shade and water only occasionally. Bird of paradise (Strelitzia reginae) is a dramatic plant with distinctive iridescent orange and midnight blue flowers that resemble an exotic bird peeking out from the broad leaves in autumn, winter and spring.Although this flower is often associated with tropical places, like Hawaii, the plant is actually native to South Africa. We've listed 8 uncommon ways to use SUGAR in the garden. Description: A beautiful dwarf variety with smaller and narrower foliage growing up from the base; stunning flowers of orange and blue rise above the foliage, giving the appearance of a birds head; great cut flower; shelter from frost. These stalks bear flowers of a most interesting floral structure with hard, beak-like green sheath-like bracts (technically a spathe) held singly at a right angle at the tip of the stalks. Are you surprised or not? We grow and stock: Strelitzia reginae (Bird of Paradise), Strelitzia parvifolia (Spoonbill strelitzia), Strelitzia , Strelitzia juncea (Reed Strelitzia), Strelitzia parvifolia (Spoon Bill Strelitzia). There are five main species and varieties, although only Strelitzia Reginae and Strelitzia Nicolai are treated as houseplants. Description: Instead of the typical broad, tropical leaves of Stretizia reginae, Strelitzia juncea has upright cylindrical leaves without a leaf blade. Strelitzia juncea When young, the leaves of S. juncea look like the broad ‘paddles’ of S. reginae but, as it matures, the leaves shrink until the stems look rush-like and quite striking. Rush-leaved strelitzia (Strelitzia juncea syn. Strelitzia juncea, also known as the rush, reed or narrow leaved Strelitzia is also a compact plant, growing to 1–2 m high. You have entered an incorrect email address! ‘Bird of Paradise‘ includes two different plant genera with similar names – Strelitzia genus, and Caesalpinia. Also known as the orange crane flower, it displays beautiful spikes of orange blooms with blue overtones from late winter to late fall. No problem! Care should be taken to place this species away from pathways as the leaves radiate outwards and are rigid and pointed enough to possibly be an eye hazard.

strelitzia juncea dwarf

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