Verbena grown in a container or hanging basket will need more frequent fertilizing, but use a dilute formulation. See this plant in the following landscape: Perennial type verbenas will perform better in South Carolina, and will bloom quickly the first season of planting. This flamboyant knockout is stunning paired with silver-leaved plants like Artemisia, Lamb’s ears or a white-flowered form of Echinacea. Position. Verbena Plants – How to Grow and Care for Verbenas. Send. If flowers are slow to emerge cut the plant back by about a fourth, fertilize lightly and water. The 'Texas Rose' doesn't have the regal history as does the 'Blue Princess' -- instead of discovering it in a far away country, Greg Grant and Jerry Parsons found it in a road ditch in Batesville. This verbena is a perennial from South America, which is not sufficiently hardy in our latitudes and is therefore rather short-lived. Verbenas are vibrant and versatile and can be used for borders, baskets, containers and groundcovers. Visit Us At: Dense clusters of lavender flowers on delicate stems are an abundant source of nectar in the heat of summer. Miscellaneous Soil. Share. As long as its soil is well drained, verbena will reward gardeners with countless clusters blooms all season long. Verbena flowers in the first year, if the growing conditions are favorable. Lemon verbena (Aloysia triphylla) is a bushy herb with a sweet, lemony scent. Verbena is a unique ornamental plant, which, in addition to pleasing the eye with its attractive appearance, does not require increased attention to itself in terms of care. While the perennial type of verbena tends to fade after a few seasons, Brazilian verbenas tend to self-sow, tricking the gardener into believing that the plant has returned from the dead as a perennial. Tall, narrow, sparsely-leafed stems bear flattened heads of bright lavender-purple flowers that provide useful height in a herbaceous border. Picture of care for verbena in the garden. Verbena needs higher humidity, especially the first few weeks after transplanting. Regularly pruning the plant encourages flowers throughout the summer. Verbena plants like full sun and tolerate drought well, but revel with moderate irrigation. Moss Verbena is a spreading plant with good drought tolerance that has naturalized from Georgia to Florida growing in old fields, waste areas and roadsides. Easy-care: this plant can handle the occasional drought and has no special needs. Verbena Care Tips. Verbena is also drought tolerant, making it a great choice for rock gardens and for planting in cracks between stones. High quality organic potting soil. These butterfly magnets give new meaning to the term 'summer color', since most verbena selections bloom for months. Origin The Patagonian verbena (Verbena bonariensis) belongs to the genus Verbena, which comprises more than 250 species. An herbaceous perennial in mild winter regions; treat as an annual elsewhere. Once established water the plants when they dry out. Share. Strong: the flowers are held on sturdy stems that sway in the wind but don’t break. Verbena is a genus of herbaceous or semileinous plants, annual or perennial, with about 250 accepted species. Verbena is a genus of hardy perennial plants that have come a long way from their conventional garden use as summer annuals! Long-blooming: blooms begin in Summer and last far into the Fall season. Most varieties will decline once summer heat increases. Normally either an application of slow release fertilizer or amending with compost is enough to keep the plant happy. Trim the plant to about one-third of its size, and bring it indoors before the first hard frost. Tweet. Prefers full sun and well-drained soil. Hardy: easily withstands rainstorms as well as scorching Summer sun. This Verbena is a perennial that is hardy to zone 7 but may be grown as an annual in cooler climates. Newer cultivars boast even better flower production and a broader array of color options than ever before. Tumbling and spreading in habit, this gorgeous Verbena produces clusters of rich purple flowers throughout the entire summer.

verbena perennial care

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