Kenya says cholera cases decline due to interventions

NAIROBI, July 25 (Xinhua) — Kenya’s health ministry said Tuesday the country has registered significant reduction in the number of new cholera cases reported daily from 60 to 35 since the inception of interventions and directives.

The ministry said in a statement issued in Nairobi that it, in collaboration with other stakeholders has enhanced public health capacities to prevent, detect and control any incidences of diarrheal diseases.

“The ministry in collaboration with key stakeholders continues to implement and monitor the directives issued last week on the inspection of all eateries, medical re-examination of all food handlers and closure of the food premises that are not in compliance with public health standards,” it said.

The ministry said it has mapped areas affected by the cholera outbreak to inform effective management, noting that a total of six functional cholera treatment centers (CTCs) have been established in Nairobi.

“All affected persons are strongly advised to visit the aforementioned centers nearest to their residence for advice and management,” the ministry said.

At least four people have died, over 300 admitted to hospital and two major hotels closed indefinitely in Nairobi over a cholera epidemic.

A crackdown on illegal food vendors has also been launched and all food handlers ordered to undergo medical tests as authorities battle the disease associated with poor hygiene and sanitation.

The ministry said its providing information, education and communication materials for dissemination through UNICEF, AMREF and Kenya Red Cross.

“In addition, we continue to collaborate with local FM radio stations to provide health talk shows, targeting the affected communities on hygiene and water treatment,” it said.

The ministry said it has identified water sources as one of the major risk factors as a result of direct contamination.

“In order to mitigate this, the ministry is working with the Nairobi County Government, the Ministry of Water and Irrigation, and the Nairobi Water and Sewerage Company to provide safe water through bowsers to the affected areas and attend to issues of water contamination including repair of sewer lines,” it said.

According to the ministry, over 500,000 chlorine tablets and 4 drums of chlorine liquid have been distributed to enhance water treatment at the household level and at all water sources.

“In order to kick cholera out of the Nairobi City and the affected counties, the public is reminded to continuously observe personal hygiene, obtain water from safe sources and practice household water treatment,” the ministry said.