First Lady roots for women empowerment

NAIROBI, 29 July 2017 (PSCU) – First Lady Margaret Kenyatta has expressed the need for a concerted effort to ensure women are accorded equal opportunities as men.

The First Lady said although the country has made progress in women empowerment, there is need to push for the trend to continue upward.

“While we must continue to support women to be treated as equals alongside men and to be given equal opportunities, we must accept that the struggle will be a long one, and that each of us, men and women alike, must join hands in it,” the First Lady said.


She spoke on Friday evening when she presided over the official launch ofthe book ‘From Glass Ceilings to Open Skies’ written by Ms Evelyn Mungai, one of Kenya’s leading businesswomen and entrepreneurs, with established companies and a college of design.


The book focuses on women in business, leadership and mentoring and tells stories of the achievements of 30 women of influence from Kenya, Africa and beyond. These include Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary Amb. Amina Mohamed, Public Service Commission of Kenya Chairperson Prof. Margaret Kobia, the Chief of Staff in the First Lady’s Office Ms Connie Gakonyo and Justice Joyce Alouch among others.


“In that long struggle, we will require examples to emulate, and I can think of few better than the women whom we celebrate today. I thank them, and I thank and congratulate Evelyn for having gathered them together as she did,” the First Lady said, referring to the ladies who contributed their life stories in the book.


She noted that every single page of the book ‘From Glass Ceilings to Open Skies’ speaks of women who have boldly reached out into the world and have made a significant difference.


“Some have done so in business, others in the professions, others in public service and others in philanthropy. They are women from different backgrounds and multiple generations – some, indeed, have contributed from as far away as America,” the First Lady pointed out.


She added: “I congratulate each and every one of them, for having struggled and achieved as they have; for having dealt with so many challenges and indeed serious setbacks; and for having shown extraordinary determination and resilience.”


The First Lady commended Ms Evelyn Mungai for coming up with the inspiring book, saying she was one of those women for whom the glass ceiling has never existed.


Other speakers included Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary Amb. Amina Mohamed and her Public Service, Youth and Gender Affairs counterpart Ms Sicily Kariuki among others.