1,100 Ukambani religious leaders endorse President Kenyatta’s re-election

WOTE, Makueni County, 2 AUGUST 2017, (PSCU) — More than 1,100 clergy from across Ukambani todayendorsed President Kenyatta’s re-election saying that they are satisfied with the work he has done for the people of the region.

The religious leaders under the umbrella of the United Kamba Clergy Alliance said their decision was arrived at after deliberations based on assessments of the Jubilee Governmnet’s performance in Ukambani.

The leaders spoke at Makueni Boys High School where they met with President Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto.

Bishop Joel Nzomo, the Secretary-General of the United Kamba Clergy Alliance, said they will rally their people to support the President’s reelection.

“We have spoken and we want to make our message known to everyone. The Kamba clergy stand with the the Government of President Kenyatta,” said Bishop Nzomo.

Besides the development focus, the Bishop said one  other reason why the Church is attracted to Jubilee is because the President and his deputy are both God fearing leaders who have supported the work of Churches.

“We have spoken with one voice and we will support the re-election of the President,” said Bishop Nzomo.

President Kenyatta said his Administration will continue offering Kenyans honest and committed leadership.

He thanked the religious leaders for backing him and also urged them to preach peace to all Kenyans.

“Our intention is to do good and leave this world better than it was when we found it,” said the President. He said leading opposition figures owe Kenyans an explanation on why there was so much stagnation and neglect when they led government.

He said the Jubilee Administration has done so much including the construction of the Standard Gauge Railway and 7,000 kilometers of roads, upgrading of hospitals, free maternity, free examinations and expansion of access to electricity.

The President said the resources available to the Jubilee government is the same as it was in previous years, raising questions about how the money was spent by previous leaders.

“It is the same resource in the same pot. What has changed is the attitude,” said the President, as he added that Kenya requires servant leadership and not masters.

The Deputy President  also thanked the Church and asked the clergy to pray for and preach peace.

He said the Government will continue collaborating with the clergy and no amount of criticism will stop God fearing leaders from supporting the Church.

“The President is a person I can stand by. He is God fearing and I can give a testimony on that,” said the DP.

The President and his deputy met the Church leaders after addressing a rally in Wote town.

At the rally, the President urged all Kenyans to be part of the efforts to maintain peace during and after the election.

The President called on Kenyans to peacefully wait for the results after they vote.

He warned those who wish to harm Kenya and its people during the electioneering period that they would be dealt with firmly.

“We want peace for our country. For those who think they can bring problems, let them know there will be consequences,” said the President.

The President said the Government has invested massive resources in Ukambani including in the construction of the Kibwezi-Mutomo-Kitui road which will open up the region.

The Head of State said the road will spur business growth and create more jobs. The President said title deeds for many parts of the region are being printed and will be distributed soon. He said more jobs will be created at the Konza technology city.