Domestic tourist to save 25 percent in the new train tourism package

28/09/2017 : Diani Reef Beach Resort and Spa has entered into a partnership with train services, Madaraka Express that will see domestic tourists save up to 25 percent by taking a new package with the hotel.

Dubbed Diani Reef by Train package, the new package that will start effect from Mashujaa day will run up to December this year.

According to Bobby Kamani, the Managing Director, the new package is in a bid to promote domestic tourism that has been growing steadily despite the election year:

“We believe that the SGR infrastructure now provides an additional impetus to the tourism sector especially for the domestic tourists who are visiting the coast region. We believe that the 30 percent discounted rate will enable many of the domestic tourists to take advantage of the tourism opportunities within the South Coast and more so to our facility.”

Mr.Kamani said that the SGR will boost transport accessibility by even complimenting the almost accomplished Dongo-Kundu bypass that will open up tourism in South Coast:

“We would like to thank the government for its efforts to improve infrastructural developments in Coast region. We believe this will go a long way in boosting tourism in South Coast. We know that the Dongo-Kundu bypass will be completed in first quarter of 2018 and this will reduce the transport mayhem that has been experienced for many years by tourists having difficulty accessing South Coast via the ferry terminal.”

In February this year, Diani Reef also introduced a saving plan for domestic tourists dubbed Easy pay plan.

The Easy plan is an initiative that allows domestic tourists to choose a package with the hotel and save up for it over time before disembarking on the journey.

Kamani also noted that the Easy pay plan initiative would complement the Diani Reef Train package and allow more local tourists to enjoy the various offerings in South Coast:

“We introduced this new model to encourage a culture of saving for vacations and encourage Kenyans to embrace local tourism. Many of the international tourists who come to Kenya save up for a certain period before embarking on their journey. Easy Pay Plan will allow many Kenyans to have an experience just like their international counterparts.”

Kamani also called for the quick expansion of the Ukunda Airport to allow for more airlines to visit the South Coast:

“It is also important that we continue having more direct flights from International destinations with affordable airfares. Recently, KQ got approvals to fly directly to the US. We believe that will be a great boost to Kenya’s tourism. As we speak, a Jetways has introduced direct flights to Diani increasing traffic to South Coast.”