Police Killed 13 Protesters since New Vote, Rights Group Says 

Kenyan police have killed 13 protesters in opposition strongholds since Thursday’s repeat presidential election, which the main opposition group boycotted, a local civil rights group said Wednesday.
The Independent Medico Legal Unit said it recorded 64 cases of use of excessive force by police, including 34 people being shot, between October 25 and October 28.
The rights group uses medical evidence to help victims build up cases against human rights abuses.
Peter Kiama, the group’s executive director, said police should investigate and discipline errant officers.
Kenyan human rights groups have long accused police of extrajudicial killings.
Last month, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch said police killed at least 67 opposition supporters after the results of the August election, nullified by the Supreme Court over irregularities, were announced.