Kenyan Artist Point Black Releases Episode 3 ‘Form Ni Gani’ K63 Visual Comic Book On Family Planning

EPISODE 3: “Take Charge of Your Life” #FormNiGani”.

Top Kenyan animator and graffiti artist Point Blank has unveiled the third and final episode of the Form Ni Gani “K63” Visual comic book. Tagged “Take Charge of Your Life”, it is a dedication to the unborn. This episode is part of the three-part episode series; each episode 5 – 8 minutes-long.

K63 tackles Family Planning and the future of Kenya in 2063, 100 years after independence. In this last episode, we see the lead character rise against all challenges that come with an unplanned pregnancy to become a top leader in her country.

Episode 3 of K63 YouTube:

Episode 1 of K63 YouTube:

Episode 2 of K63 YouTube

K63 Trailer on YouTube:

Speaking about this project, Point Blank says “It has been amazing to give my contribution as a creative to the #FormNiGani movement. I hope the visual comic gets to educate and sensitize all on Family Planning.” Episode 1 was about “Future Kenya in 2063” and Episode 2: “Who is the father? The drama continues”. The project is for both those who have children or are planning in getting a family going in the future.

Named “#FormNiGani” (“what’s the plan”), the movement is meant to engage Kenyans in conversations about making informed decisions about our future and the crucial role of family planning in it. Despite its importance, many Kenyans lack access to both family planning methods and information.