Azuri welcomes opening of new Siaya youth centre by former US president Barack Obama


16 July 2018, Nairobi, Kenya – Azuri Technologies Ltd, a pay-as-you-go solar home solutions to off-grid consumers has welcomed the opening resource center in Siaya this week by former US President Barack Obama.


Terming the resource center as an important hub that will help the youth embrace their entrepreneurial spirit and create employment opportunities, the solar energy firm that employs  Siaya communities says the move will open up the region.


According to Snehar Shah, General Manager of East Africa at Azuri, the resource will limit the rural-urban migration of young Kenyans moving away from their families and local communities to urban areas, where the opportunities are.


“Many of the off-grid communities we are delivering solar services to are struggling to provide their young people with employment or even access to basic modern services thus the rural-urban migration. Azuri is committed to creating local employment,”says Snehar.

Azuri has employed over 2,000 agents based in and around the communities they serve that have helped deliver more than 150,000 solar home solutions in rural off-grid Kenya – aligned to Mr Obama’s Power Africa initiative, announced in 2013, to bring electricity to  20 million households in Kenya, Tanzania and four other countries by 2018.


During his last visit to Kenya in 2015, Obama expressed his admiration for Azuri’s AI technology behind the solar home services at the Power Africa Innovation Fair which went on to release the first home solar TV with satellite channels in Kenya in 2016.


The new centre welcomes those aged between four and 25 years to come and read, browse the internet, play and get hands-on knowledge on eight different disciplines, including farming and environmental conservation at the Sauti Kuu Foundation Sports, Resource and Vocational Training Centre.


Dr Auma Obama, the institute’s founder and director, explained the former US President was visiting because the centre shares a common philosophy with the Obama Foundation which is to encourage young people become leaders, take responsibility for their future and make the most from the opportunities presented to them.


Azuri shares these objectives and is encouraging young people to take control of their future in areas where there are limited employment opportunities and helping them to embracing their entrepreneurial spirit.


Azuri agents, explains Snehar, are given training on selling, installation and customer care as well as being provided the tools they need to generate regular  sustainable income.


Azuri’s solar home solutions are also inspiring young people to launch new businesses driven by solar power.


Data from the World Bank further indicates that youth unemployment in Kenya has averaged 20 per cent in the last 10 years.


Azuri Technologies was recently named in the FT 1000 list of Europe’s fastest-growing companies, listed in the Red Herring Top 100 Europe and was an Edison Award Silver Winner for innovations creating social impact. You can see more awards won by Azuri here: