KSSSA ban schools that fielded ineligible players from participating in this year’s Term Games

The Kenya Secondary Schools Sports Association (KSSSA) banned a number of schools from participating in this year’s Term Games.

Secretary-General for KSSSA Mr. David Ngugi said the association banned schools which fielded ineligible players who were either non-students or were beyond the 19 age limit allowed to take part in the championship.

He said unscrupulous schools and teachers fielded players in order to have an advantage over other schools, saying this was against the rules and regulations of the association.

He spoke this on the sidelines of Term Two Games for secondary school at Hill’s School in Eldoret yesterday.

The Regional Coordinator for Education (RCE) for Rift Valley Ms Mary Gaturu said the sports were aimed at developing talent among school-going children, saying the inclusion of non-students and ineligible players denied opportunity to bona fide students to develop their talents.

She said just as the Ministry was fighting cheating in examinations, it will fight cheating in sports,’ she said.

She said Kapenguria boys was knocked out for fielding ineligible players against the rules set out by KSSSA

The Regional Coordinator for Central Region, Mr. Stephen O. Barongo, and his Nyanza Counterpart, Mr. Richard L. Chepkawai said they eliminated schools at County and Regional levels which had entered non-students and ineligible players in their respective teams.

“We eliminate Tetu Boys from representing the region in Volleyball and replaced it with another school, which was runners-up at regional level, only for the third school to complain that it had also fielded an ineligible player,” Mr. Barongo said.

Mr. Chepkawai said Nyanza region had ensured that a school which had violated the rules did not get a chance to get to national levels.