d.Light Donates Solar Lanterns to Schools and Health Centres With No Electricity

Kajiado, 25th January 2019 – d.light Solar has donated solar lanterns to three schools and one school for children with special needs and a health centers in Kajiado in an effort to impact and transform lives with affordable clean power.

‘We are proud to make a positive impact in our local community through the donation of our solar products to communities in need. Having access to solar lighting will enable students to extend the hours when they can study and to do their schoolwork in a safe and healthy environment. It will also enable the local health clinic to stay open in the evening and have a safer and better environment for healthcare delivery.,’’ d.Light Co-Founder and CEO, Ned Tozun said of the initiative.

In a two day exercise, d.light Solar donated a total of 2000 lanterns  – 500 solar lanterns to Olkejuado Boys Boarding Primary School, 800 solar lanterns to AIC Girls Boarding Primary School, 550 lanterns to Iseuri Health Center, 100 solar lanterns to Ilbisil Health Center and 50 solar lanterns to AIC Kajiado Child Center all in an effort to ensure that children have access to safe and affordable lighting and are able to read at night and also to help in hospital functions in the rural areas of Kajiado County.

In addition, lack of access to electricity has both direct and indirect harmful effects on health facilities in sub-Saharan Africa. There are still many health facilities in hard to reach areas in Kenya that don’t operate at night due to lack of electricity as health care workers struggle to provide health services after sunset.

More than 2 billion people around the world live without reliable access to electricity. Through the deployment of quality solar products, d.light has empowered well over 90 million lives and offset 21 million tons of CO2. This has contributed greatly to conserving the environment and health benefits for well over 90Million lives.

In the last 10years, d.light has been able to ensure that children and households across 62 countries have access to affordable clean power. It is through their efforts that they are able to celebrate their 100Million’th customer in 2019 which is a huge milestone as a global leader in distribution of solar worldwide.

“We are able to help people who are using kerosene for light to use clean sustainable energy” noted Mr. Ned Tozun, the Co-founder and CEO of d.light™ Solar Limited.  He also added that, “d.light has been able to support tens of millions of children across the world to use solar energy throughout their school life and secure their future while being mindful of the environment”.

“d.light Solar Limited has been able to touch over 100Million lives and we will continue to touch more lives here in Kenya and globally,” added Mr. Okoth, the Managing Director, d.light Africa.


Access to energy lengthens the work day for those in the medical profession and allows them to see a greater number of patients in a day. When facilities without lighting get patients after dark, they have to depend on paraffin lamps, candles or torches that provide low quality light, give off harmful fumes and, in some cases, present a fire hazard. These types of lights are also often more expensive per unit of energy than electric lighting.


Solar energy is a natural fit for healthcare organizations — and not just because solar reduces air pollution and makes the world a cleaner, healthier place. Many common pieces of medical equipment — such as MRI machines and CT scanners — are in use constantly, consuming significant amounts of energy. And many of these hospitals are open 24/7, with heating and air conditioning systems contributing to their sky-high utility bills. The solar lanterns will help in reducing costs and ensuring that there is power throughout the days.


As a result of the solar energy initiative, lives were empowered, school-aged children reached and GWhs generated; Money saved, productive hours generated, and tons of CO2 offset from the environment from the portable solar lantern to reflect the impact of d.light’s contribution to the society.