Wiper Leader Praise Uhuru Kenyatta for his desire to ensure inclusivity in the leadership of the Nation

The politics of 2022 presidential succession race dominated a church function at Gatanga Constituency in Murang’a County where Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka was the chief guest.

During the event, held at the ACK Giachuki Church in Kariara ward, the nine legislators who accompanied Kalonzo, most of them from his Wiper party, pitched tone for Kalonzo’s presidential candidature for 2022, saying he was the ideal candidate who would unite the country and ensure peace and harmony.

The chorus was started by the area MP Nduati Ngugi, who played host. Ngugi praised Kalonzo as a dependable leader who would ensure a peaceful Kenya.

Other leaders who accompanied Kalonzo at the function included Kitui Senator Enoch Wambua, Deputy Minority Leader in the National Assembly Robert Mbui, as well as MPs Joshua Mwalyo (Masinga), Paul Nzengu (Mwingi North),  Thuddeus Nzambia (Kilome), Daniel Maanzo (Makueni), Kitui Woman Rep. Irene Kasalu and Nominated Senator Sylvia Kasanga.

Kalonzo, who spoke after Ngugi, decried the destructive effects of tribalism and said it was important for Kenyans to “remove our artificial barriers and become one,  indivisible nation.”

He praised President Uhuru Kenyatta for his desire to ensure inclusivity in the leadership of the Nation, saying exclusion was a serious problem bedeviling the country.

This is the first time in about seven years that the former Vice-President has graced a public function in the Central region, which is the political bedrock of President Kenyatta.

Political pundits are bound to read more than just an ordinary fundraiser in today’s event, particularly in light of recent developments where Kalonzo has made statements that many have interpreted as seeking to endear the Wiper leader to the President and his core support base.

Last November during the burial of his father in Tseikuru, Kalonzo declared that he would be the President’s ‘’Mtu wa Mkono’’ (errant boy). Early this month,  Kalonzo while addressing a leaders meeting at Koma in Machakos County appeared to suggest that he had no problem supporting the President’s rule beyond the end of his constitutional second term. The Wiper leader, however, later set the record straight during a TV interview, where he clarified that what he actually meant to say was that he was willing to support President Uhuru for the post of Prime Minister  envisaged in the proposed constitutional amendments, with the expectations that the latter would reciprocate the gesture by supporting him for the Presidency.

Today’s function was turned into a forum for mending of fences between the Kambas and their Kikuyu neighbours, with the MPs stating that the era of animosity that had soured the long-standing friendship between the two communities had ended with the Handshake.

Mbui and Wambua event went as far as claiming that the Kamba community wanted to their “A” back as they now want to join their Gikuyu, Embu and Meru cousins in the political union, a stand that was staunchly supported by Mwalyo and Nzambia. GEMA is an acronym for the (defunct) Gikuyu, Embu, Meru Association. The legislators claim that the “A” which was supposed to stand for “Akamba” was removed and replaced with “Association.”

Kasalu and Kasanga, as well as preaching for the unity of Kambas and Kikuyus, urged leaders to ensure that those positions meant to empower women in leadership are preserved, so as to protect the gains of women empowerment.

Later the Wiper Leader Led a delegation of MPs and Senators to condole with Sen. Irungu Kangata whose mother has passed away.