KCB Group Plc Commits Renewed Focus Towards Climate Action.

KCB Group PLC has committed to continually contribute to the green economy by deepening its focus on funding projects that have a positive environmental and social impact in the East African industry and beyond.

The Bank is collaborating with other industry players to raise the first Green Bonds in the region for environmentally friendly projects.

“There is great need for public and private financial institutions to scale up and directly finance investments that are necessary for transitioning to low-carbon, resilient economies globally, and achieve net zero carbon emissions in the second half of this century,” said KCB Group CEO and MD Joshua Oigara.

As the largest financial institution by assets in East Africa, KCB believes that the financial sector must reflect on the role it plays in financing projects that will mitigate climate change effects and safeguard the future of generations before it is too late.

“We are cognizant of our responsibility in ensuring our clients and customers operate in a safe and clean environment that will have a trickle effect on economic growth,” said Mr Oigara at the One Planet Summit in Nairobi on March 14 themed Alignment of Development Banks with the Paris Agreement and Long-Term Sustainable Financing in Africa.