Jambojet plans to introduce daily flights to Lodwar

Lodwar is a small town in Kenya’s Turkana County that is approximately 600 kilometres from Nairobi which has in recent times opened up as a tourist destination.

This county has often attracted geological researchers who are keen on human pre history and related studies. It is worth noting that in 1984, a team led by renowned paleoanthropologist Dr Richard Leakey unearthed one of the oldest, and almost complete fossil known as Turkana Boy.

Several aircrafts have been connecting Nairobi to Lodwar as it opens up to the world and these include Safarilink, Skyward Express and Fly 540.

Another low-cost carrier, Jambojet, is considering introducing daily flights to Lodwar from Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. This is to tap into the increasing business and leisure clientele jetting into the town.

“This is set to provide competitive rates for the travellers and increase competition between the carriers, the Kenya Association of Travel Agents Nicanor Sabula said.

Air transport to Lodwar seems to be gaining popularity in the region as it is easier than access by road.

Lodwar has other attractions such as Lake Turkana which is the largest dessert lake in the world. The discovery of oil in 2012 also opened up prospects for the budding town.

SOURCE: http://www.katakenya.org/news/609