Continental Media & Publishing house to Launch 12 Magazines

An innovative and ground-breaking 360-degree Creative media and publishing house with a vision to create and distribute quality African content

Fine Edge Media, an innovative and ground-breaking 360-degree media publishing house is set to officially launch in the market at the end of June.

The Creative Media house will be responsible for publishing 14 Magazine publications namely; MoneyBoss Magazine, EdgeAfrica Magazine, EdgeWoman Magazine, Styles Magazine, Czara Magazine, Soul Mate Magazine, GizmoAfrica Magazine, Edge Property Guide, Voice & Brand, Krazy Weekender, Shoppers review, GameSwag Magazine, Entreprize Magazine and PureMotion Magazine that will be available both in print and online editions.

Each issue will aim to have 80% of its content focused on telling African stories exclusively, with the article format being; profiles of companies, private investors, business leaders, entrepreneurs, the world of technology today, Products & Brands as well as insightful statistics about the market and the region’s business landscape.

Speaking while announcing the upcoming launch, Fine Edge Media CEO Mr. Paul Wachira highlighted the revolutionary ambitions by the publisher in the region.

“Our entry into the East African industry signals a change in provision of informative and entertaining content across the region. Our outlook is wide-reaching, and with the brands and solutions that we offer, there is no sky too high”, said Mr. Wachira.

We aim to be a top media publishing house, offering access to journalistic expertise, digital innovations and branding creativity, comparable to no other on the continent,” added Mr. Wachira.

The Premiere issue of the magazines will be released on the 27th of June with a target distribution of 30,000 outlets, with the subsequent issues scheduled to be released on a monthly basis.

The key focus for them will be; business, technology, financial markets, entrepreneurship, personal finance, sports, Investing, Technology, Politics, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Small Business, Cloud Computing, Security, Management, etc.

“We have invested heavily in this business in an effort to bridge the gap that currently exists in the market in terms of offering 360 degrees solutions ranging from content creation to publishing and distributing the same”, added Mr. Wachira.

The pioneering Media and publishing house aims to provide a range of solutions ranging from print publications, creative design, animation, PR & Event management, and audio-visual production.

Alongside this, Fine Edge Media is also set to launch an interactive website for all the publications as well as mobile apps for each publication.