Counties to continue facing cash woes as house committees fail to agree

By KASS Online

The cash woes facing counties may proceed for longer after a meeting by Senate and Parliament today failed to reach a consensus.

The 18 member committee that had been tasked with unlocking the deadlock over the Division of Revenue Bill 2019 stalemate failed to agree, further deepening the cash crisis in the devolved units.

The committee was established following a Supreme Court advisory opinion issued by Chief Justice David and was expected to resolve the issue.

The proceedings, from the onset, were characterized by counter-accusations with National Assembly Majority Leader Aden Duale who led his colleagues from the House protesting the constitution of the agenda which had lined up the election of the committee Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson as a priority.

Duale termed the election of the leadership of the committee as nonsensical insisting that members should go straight into the main agenda of discussing the shareable revenue standoff.

“Unless someone wants to control how Parliament operates, I think it is important that we dive straight into the main agenda of the day. We need to work on procedure. Our meeting is on mediation on the of the Division of Revenue Bill,” he said.