Tharaka-Nithi leaders threaten to sue government over census results

Tharaka Nithi leaders have threatened to sue the government over the recently released Census exercise saying that the results that placed the county’s population at 393, 177 was not correct.

The leaders led by Governor Muthomi Njuki said they will be petitioning the national government to undertake a fresh exercise failure to which they will move to court.

“These results are not a true reflection of our numbers, and since we know that they will be used in a formula for revenue allocation, we reject them,” Governor Njuki told a news conference at the Serena Hotel, a day after the results were released by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) that undertook a national census exercise in August. “We expect census results to be a true reflection of the country’s population.”

The new census results show that Tharaka Nithi’s population has only increased by 27,000 people since 2009 when the last census was conducted, but the leaders said they are convinced their population has shot up further than the figures provided by the KNBS and are worried of the low resources set to be allocated to them.

In regard to the analysis, the enumerated figures fall below the projected number based on previous census, where the projected figure was 498,000 for 2019 census.

“We call upon the KNBS to undertake further evaluation and analysis of the census results from the county,” Njuki said, accompanied by other leaders, among them Chuka Igambang’ombe legislator Patrick Munene and Maara MP Kareke Mbiuki.