Gov’t asks UN to help in recovering stolen assets stashed abroad

  • The government is lobbying the United Nations Convention against Corruption to help in repatriation of stolen wealth stashed in foreign accounts.

    The government hasn’t been able to legally recover the wealth due to lac policies that facilitate this in the fight against graft.

    National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi on Thursday noted that for the war against graft to be won, state members must be willing to collaborate through mutual agreements noting that this would deal the vice a death blow.

    Muturi who spoke during the Eighth Forum of Parliamentarians against Corruption under the auspices of the Global Organisation of Parliamentarians against Corruption (GOPAC) argued that effective collaboration between countries to return monies stolen by corrupt government officials would go a long way in the war against graft.

    The speaker was making a presentation on behalf on the Kenyan delegation attending the conference hosted by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime in his capacity as the Vice President of the Global Organisation of Parliamentarians against Corruption.

    “Seizing of assets of people who cannot account for them is making corruption very expensive in Kenya. We need multilateral agreements between member states to ensure no one gets away with looted resources,” he said.