First 30,000 mourners at president Moi’s funeral to get refreshments

The government will provide snacks and refreshments for the first 30,000 people who will attend the funeral of former President Daniel Moi.

Rift Valley Regional Coordinator George Natembeya announced Monday and added that the government was almost through with funeral preparations.

“We shall have seats for at least 30,000 people who shall get sodas and bread after the service. The venue however can accommodate up to 60,000 people,” said Natembeya.

Natembeya added that the government will also fuel all buses from public schools within the county to ferry residents willing to attend the funeral service at Kabarak for free.

“The exercise shall begin at around 4:30 am and shall continue until when the service shall commence. Those who will not have arrived by then shall follow the proceedings on screens mounted in different locations,” said Natembeya.

He further added that the local administration shall communicate to the public on the locations where they shall be picked and ferried to Kabarak.