Activists want treasury to ensure accountability in use of COVID-19 funds

Activists have petitioned the Treasury Cabinet Secretary Ukur Yatan to ensure funds set aside to fight COVID-19 are utilized for the intended purpose.

They raised concerns over lack of transparency in how the funds are being utilized by agencies tasked to combat the pandemic.

“These loopholes have led to overpricing of commodities, purchase of substandard Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs), embezzlement of commodities including donated PPEs, failure of the PPEs to reach those who need them the most,” the Consortium said in a statement.

They said Treasury should issue a policy directive in the next 30 days that allows the Public Procurement Regulatory Authority to recommend sanctions against procuring entities that fail to comply.

“Procurement data should be published in the required state portal by 30th September 2020, as per the Presidential Directive and on an independent COVID-19 Kenya Portal that conforms to the international open contracting data standards,” the statement adds.

This comes following corruption allegations in the management of COVID-19 funds at the Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (KEMSA) whose top officials are under investigations.