Women call for inclusion in the BBI steering process


The Urban Grassroots Women Caucus has called for inclusion of women, youth and people living with disabilities in steering the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) process.

The caucus Coordinator Caroline Ogot said whereas the BBI contained many gains for women, they have been excluded from the table where critical decisions are being made.

“We feel concerned with the recent developments in the formation of structures that are to take the BBI process forward,” she said.

The Steering Technical Committee, she said, was being led by two male Co- Chairs and none of them was representative of the Youth or Persons Living with Disabilities.

The same, she said, has been reflected in the regional structures citing the Nyanza region where two men have been picked to spearhead the process.

“As women champions, we are wondering at what point exactly are these groups going to get representation if right from the onset they seem to be deliberately left out,” she said.