Senate whip calls on Kenyans to read the BBI document

The Senate Chief Whip Irungu Kang’ata has said some of the issues which were raised by a section of Kenyans in the first draft of Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report have been addressed in the final document.

Kang’ata on Thursday said now Kenyans can read and understand the final draft before appending their signatures.

Speaking during a burial ceremony in Murang’a town, the senator noted that the majority of issues raised ranging from formation of Ombudsman to creation of extra constituencies have been addressed and thus Kenyans should shun from politicizing the report.

He observed that the Senate has been added responsibility to vet those who will be nominated to sit in the Judiciary’s ombudsman.

“Many concerns have been addressed in the final report. So it is time for Kenyans to read and understand the report. Let us avoid politicizing the document,” he added.

The report he further said will address issues to do with the agricultural sector, which is a core economic activity for many residents of Mount Kenya region.
Some of the proposals in the report especially those touching on agriculture will be addressed through Acts of Parliament.