West Pokot employs 410 ECDE teachers

West Pokot County Governor Prof. John Lonyangapuo has released Sh120 Million to school infrastructure development and issued employment letters to 450 newly recruited Early Childhood Development and Education (ECDE) teachers.

The Governor promised to continue supporting education functions in the region since education is a critical pillar for any nation’s development. He said his administration through the department of education recognizes the importance of ensuring all learners within the county get strong bases for their lifelong learning, learning abilities, and good social development for a better tomorrow.

“The county government is committed to ensuring all the needy students in secondary, college, and university with financial challenges are assisted by giving them bursaries as our commitment towards ensuring all students receive education in the county,” noted Prof. Lonyangapuo

Lonyangapuo also noted that EDCE is an important program meant to ensure all children get the best quality education that makes them acquire knowledge and skills in lifelong adaptability, innovation and good communication. In addition, they are also taught how to become responsible citizens.

The Governor said the County government of West Pokot and the national government are ready to pump in resources that will help boost education within the region.

Prof. Lonyangapuo congratulated the newly recruited ECDE teachers on their appointment and urged them to embrace a positive attitude in their work.

During the function that happened at Kishaunet Agriculture Showground, the Governor released a Sh120 million infrastructure development cheque for the construction of an additional 370 new classrooms across 20 wards within West Pokot Sub-counties.

The county has in the last three years constructed 410 classrooms and an additional 370 new classrooms which will bring the total number of classrooms in the county to 780.

  • Source KNA