Friday 14th May declared a public holiday

The government has declared this Friday, May 14 a public holiday to mark Idd-ul-Fitr, celebrated by the Muslims.

Interior and Coordination of National Government Cabinet Secretary Dr. Fred Matiang’i in the exercise of the powers conferred by section 2 (1) of the Public Holidays Act gazetted May 14 a public holiday.

Certain traditions are observed on Idd -ul- Fitr, one of which involves the reciting of a certain set of prayers especially for the occasion called Salat al-Eid.

Muslims will generally gather at mosques or in open-air locations such as parks to recite the prayers on the first morning of the festival.

Muslims celebrate Idd-ul-Fitr with prayers called “Salat Al Eid” in Arabic where on normal days they gather in mosques or open spaces and offer two units of prayer – called “Rakat”.