Alarm as Kisumu becomes the new Covid-19 epicenter

This notwithstanding, the infection rate is presenting very high severity symptoms in the infected patients.

The lakeside city has been recording a steady rise in Covid 19 infections and deaths in the past few weeks following the confirmation of the highly double mutant India Covid strain from eight travelers of Indian origin who had arrived in the county.

According to Governor Anyang’ Nyong’o, so far, Kisumu has recorded 5,739 confirmed cases cumulatively with some 1,666 people contracting the virus in the previous month.

Medical experts attribute the spike being witnessed in the county to flouting the COVID-19 guidelines during the Madaraka day celebrations.

As a matter of public concern, the mortality within the county has increased from an average of 12 at the peak last year to a new peak of 18 per week with the age bracket above 60 years being the highest predictor of mortality.

“In 2020, 44% of the infections were severe while in 2021, 78% have presented severe symptoms,” he observed.

  • By KNA