DP says current political panic is due to his commitment to empowering Kenyans

Deputy President William Ruto has said the current panic in Kenya’s political arena is as a result of his dedication to empowering ordinary Kenyans.
He noted that some politicians have been  profiting from people’s poverty and unemployment.

“That is why the Big Four plan was sabotaged because it promised a better future for ordinary people,” he explained.

Dr Ruto said instead of paying attention to the Big Four that guaranteed jobs to millions of Kenyans, the said leaders were focussed on the review of the Constitution.

He was speaking today at the Africa Inland Church-Milimani in Nairobi.

“When you see a leader complaining that a poor person has been given a tool of trade like a wheelbarrow, then there is a problem,” Dr Ruto added.

He pledged to intensify his plans to empower Kenyans through the bottom-up, middle-out economic model.