Activists vow to push for Miguna’s return

A group of activists led by former Chief Justice Willy Mutunga has vowed to push for Miguna Miguna’s return to the country.

In a statement released by the United Progressive Front lobby group the activists said they will not relent in ensuring all the judicial orders are respected and enforced.

Mutunga accused Kenya’s Attorney General Kihara Kariuki of misleading the courts over the existence of the red alerts from the government restricting Miguna’s travel into the country.

“We were expecting to receive Dr. Miguna Miguna in the Country this (Tuesday) morning. Our advocates had gone to court a few days ago, to ensure that any red alerts to airlines that would stop Dr. Miguna Miguna from flying into the country are removed. The Attorney General misinformed the courts that there were no such ‘red alerts’, in effect, the courts would not give orders in vain,” he said.

The former Chief Justice stated that Kenyans should be worried over what he termed as ‘impunity’ from the principal legal advisor to the government of Kenya.